How To Be Sure Your Web Design Never Loses A Client Again!


So – you hired a web design service to create a website for your company plus spent some time and money looking at various online marketing and design tactics and are starting to get some traffic to your site – now what?

An important part of web design strategies is to build a client base to both attract and retain visitors as well as enlist the help of those visitors to spread the word about your website to other people who might also be interested in your product or services.

Make sure you don’t lose any potential clients by making sure that your website incorporates the following essential elements.

1. Responsive, Mobile-Friendly, Audience Researched Design

Above all, you want to be certain that your site design layout prevents bouncebacks that send visitors away to search elsewhere by designing a site that works for visitor on any device they’re using to find you.

Responsive design is critical and mobile-friendly design is just good SEO.

Give your visitors the fast-loading pages, easy navigation, and functionality they need to find what they are searching for as quickly and easily as possible.

2. Clear, Obvious Call-to-Action Buttons

Once visitors have arrive at your site, the second critical element of how your web is designed is the presence of clear Call-to-Action buttons to guide them towards conversion.

Whether your goal is to get email signups, sell something, or get contacts for your offered services, your CTAs must be researched, properly placed within your content, and bold as well as have a clear message as to how the user can move on to the next point.

3. Social Media Share Buttons

An important strategy that should be incorporated into any web design involves getting your site visitors to do a little of the publicity work for you.

You can do that by including social media share buttons on all of your content so that anyone who finds that content useful can link others to it.

This is a great way to pull in more traffic from users who are actually interested in what you offer and are more likely to become actual clients.

4. Email Signup

Another important way to retain visitors, even once they’ve left your website, is to include email signup using a link, pop-up, or both as part of your web design.

When visitors sign up to receive your emails, there is a greater chance that you could eventually gain them as a client by repeatedly sending them promotions and keeping them informed on company news and website happenings.

5. Client Testimonials

There is no better advertising to include as part of your overall web design strategy than client testimonials.

Approval by other clients who have worked with your company goes a long way toward gaining the trust of others seeking solutions to their problems.

Client testimonials are essentially free online word-of-mouth advertising that will generate interest in your website and company to help gain you new clients.

The Value of Effective Web Design

A professional web design that has been developed to attract traffic and serve visitor needs is one that will build a good client base.

Rather than abandoning visitors to fend for themselves when they reach your homepage, make it part of your web design strategy to give them what they need to use, share, and stay connected with your website and company.

Work with an experienced web design service that can implement these five important techniques and ensure you never lose a potential client to poor website design again!

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