How to Accomplish Balance In Website Design


Texas_Website_DesignerTexas web design is a visual art form – it’s not just putting text and images on a page. It is a strategic placement of various visual elements to hopefully appeal to a global audience. So why do some websites look orderly and cohesive while others are complete chaos? The answer to that big difference is balance.

What is Design Balance?

Balanced web design in Texas refers to the placement of various web elements along a horizontal website plane of reference. Individual elements such as images, text, and logos have visual weight in relation to size. The bigger the element, the heavier it is visually; a website’s horizontal plane is like a see-saw on a vertical axis. So adding a large image on the left makes the page off-balanced.

Striking the right balance is very important in Texas web design because human beings subconsciously find off-centered design uncomfortable to read, being basically more comfortable with symmetrical objects from nature that are associated with harmony. The same emotional response is seen with virtual models like websites – which makes striking a balance appearance important.

There are several approaches to achieve balance as well as a good appearance with an off-balanced website design. Here are some of the ways to get the right position and desirable results with visual features.


Symmetrical design can be achieved by using features of equal weight on opposite sides of an axis. For example, using a photo on the left and a block of text on the right side of a web page of equal size and distance from an imaginary median can create symmetrical balance.

Symmetry can be achieved vertically and horizontally as long as items with equal weight are placed on both sides of an imaginary vertical or horizontal axis. This approach is ideal because it is linear, safe, predictable, harmonious and ideal for conservative design.


Balance doesn’t always mean equal size; a harmonious design can be achieved with an asymmetric design. Instead of having items of equal size on a plane, it is possible to strike a balance through the item’s placement and even its color intensity.

For example, a large image on the left side of a web page can be countered by a small image positioned at a farther position on the right side. A small amount of purple color on the left can be equalized with an abundance of aqua color on the right because purple is perceived as intense and heavy while aqua is perceived lighter. Asymmetric design is ideal for making a striking impression and viewers.

Balance is an important element with web design in Texas, making a design cohesive and pleasant. Using the right balance, it is possible to either subdue or emphasize important topics and make a website look more appealing to visitors!

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