How Much Does a Website Design Cost?


Among the major things that need a great amount of consideration when designing a website is the cost. If you are planning to establish an online business, it is very important that you put an adequate investment in the design.

In order to get a good impression from visitors, a quick glance of the site should immediately convey credibility. Let’s face it, what customer would put their trust in a website that doesn’t even look convincing!

Before thinking about the web design cost, and how much money you’re going to spend, consider what type of website you would like. Is it a personal website? Is it a website for an organization?  Is it more of an educational website?

These are some of the things you should think about when talking to a web designer about the cost.  Some types of sites only require minimal features with a few pages and therefore cost less.

Specific Website Design Cost?

Due to various design options and features available for a website, there really is no specific web design cost.  It all depends on how you would want your site to look and how user-friendly it would be. If you are new to online marketing, a freelance web designer offers some of the lowest prices; however, don’t expect much on the design and the features you will get.

Getting a commercial website set up by a freelance designer can be quite a gamble. I would recommend giving the job to a professional website design firm. The cost may be a bit higher than what you can typically get from freelance designers; but higher prices often come with guarantees.Don’t settle on anything less.

Often times, people make a mistake by prioritizing cost over quality. This is a typical mistake that anyone can make. A website is a great way to demonstrate a company or a product. Conversely, a poorly designed website will only convey a negative impression to your potential client.

What are your goals?

If your goal is online sales, an ecommerce website is very valuable; however, it is also one of the more costly websites to design. In order to convince visitors to make a purchase, or to leave their credit information, it is important that the site should immediately convey credibility and dependability at a quick glance. The right combination of appearance and content is crucial to getting the desired response from visitors and potential customers.

Instead of settling on the least expensive web design ad you first see online, spend some time and shop around for web design portfolios that might suit your taste. Look for designers who make designs that fit your style, and don’t give up when their prices don’t match your budget immediately.

Try to work with the designer to get the price in an acceptable range. Don’t hesitate to ask what features are being planned that increases the cost. Honest discussion during the design process might allow you to eliminate some unnecessary features to lower the website design cost.

To see what kind of project you might be looking at, look at the Web Unlimited website design cost table.


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  1. You hit the nail on the head when you say think of quality rather than cost. I was severely bitten by this one. I wasted time and some cash employing a freelancer I found on the internet. The site he “created” was REALLY bad needless to say I had to begin again!

  2. people make a mistake by prioritizing cost over quality. This is true that was my mistake when i first started ,like this article says ,do a bit of research,it is better to spend a little more to get the more proffesional look.

  3. Hey Chris, I’m glad you’re also pointing out the fact that there are variables in determining website costs! As a web designer myself, I find that if people are continuously asking about price, then they don’t understand the concept of investment nor are concerned with what it really takes to create websites.

    I now just point them to a free report I created just for this purpose in hopes that it helps shed some light on the subject 🙂

    Great post!

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