Is Your Website Converting Sales – or Not?


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Every business website has a purpose – to get conversions; without that, a company cannot survive. It is not always easy to attract the right people who eventually convert and purchase or sign up. In order to accomplish good Houston SEO and everything that involves, the first thing to do is be sure a website is functional and user friendly in every way possible. Following is a collection of tips to help any website get the most conversions possible by making sure that it is reaching a good targeted audience.


 Having a user-friendly website is one of the most important points when building a successful website. Being successful in this area involves everything from having well written content that provides value to ease of navigation around the website. Clutter-free convenience in the layout receives a favorable reaction from most users. Contact links and FAQs are important part on an easy-to-use website as are catalogs and shopping carts that work correctly. Encryption and acceptance of different forms of payment are important as well.

 In general, it is important to create a positive website experience that answers all of a viewer’s potential questions before they have to ask and provides necessary support when it is needed. The smoother the use of a site, the more likely each user is to become a conversion.

 Honest, Trusted and Transparent

 When customers spend money via the internet, sight unseen, trust is important. Developing a good level of trust with the right online audiences is a great way for a business to attract new viewers and have better conversion rates because there is that feeling of trust. Building such product confidence is what happens when companies are honest with customers about a business and its products/services; provide clear instructions and policies for all products; offer a transparent and acceptable return policy; and are always available to handle questions and concerns promptly and professionally. If appropriate, easily understood pricing policies help users find even more value.

 Reaching the Right Audience

 All of the ideas above are jointly essential to maximize conversions in general; however, getting more conversions from the same amount of traffic is even better. The key to doing this is to determine who the best audience is for a particular product or service and then using specific Houston SEO techniques to build and market them. Demographics, consumer history, social media usage, and a good design and layout can all affect conversion percentages, so fine-tuning search terms and techniques on an ongoing basis along with regular site monitoring should be done to confirm the exact audience being reached.

Ideas such as the above are essential for a website to generate the best Houston SEO results with greater conversions and new customers. Accomplish this by designing in all the qualities that any easy-to-use website should have to make it usable, functional, and safe with a good user experience. When all of this is done and monitored, a website can indeed convert sales simply by being that good,useable experience that all users will want and return to all the time!

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    • Firstly, I would say you should substantially increase the assortment on your site. Like for ecommerce store there won’t be enough choice for buyers.

      You are right, text is really necessary for you all pages of your website. Add more of description to your products – this will improve user experience. But before you dive in this I would advice you to do a keyword research- visit your competitors websites, look at the keywords they have been using in titles, headings, etc., think yourself of search terms which would describe your products. Then head to Google Keyword Tool and using exact match look for the keywords which have good search volume. Focus on lont tail keywords more. For example, type “cross earrings” and check the box “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms”. Look into the keyword ideas for 3-term keywords (long-tail) with decent search volume.

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