Free Website Builders – Why One Size Does Not Fit All!


As tempting as it may be to use a DIY web design with a free website builder, it’s important to understand the reasons why professional web design is preferable.

While custom website design does involve a financial investment, the results gained from such an investment far outweigh what you can gain by using a free website builder.

Consider these facts before you put countless hours into something that just isn’t going to get you the results you need!

Limitations With Free Website Builders

Though they may seem easier and faster to use to develop a web design for your business, free website builders are the proverbial you get what you pay for.

Most are a bare-bones, limited solution to website design that can produce an attractive site ;but not actually be able to function well for your business.

Even the better, more advanced builders will often leave you missing some feature, font, color, or unique element that your site needs to be exactly what you need.

Lacking in Full Web Design Customization

The beauty of professional web design is that no matter what your site needs to look like or do, it can be accomplished.

Not so with free online builders that are limited in how you can edit the structure of the website and exactly how you can make those sites work.

They generally do not accept custom code nor allow a developer to go into the existing code to make adjustments to better fit your needs.

What you see is what you get – get used to that expression with most free website builders in terms of functionality and special features.

While you may think this is more than enough for your website, chances are your site will require some custom features for it to really be effective and bring in customers.

Limited in SEO Functionality

No matter how great your web design looks, it is useless if people can’t find it online.

Although many free website builders tout their great SEO features, in most cases these sites cannot be optimized as they should to implement advanced SEO techniques.

No Scalability

Another common problem with free builders is they cannot be modified or upgraded should you need to do that with your website design.

Where professional web designers have the ability to modify custom code to incorporate newer technology, more efficient functionality, and scale site structure to business needs, this is all impossible with free website builders.

If your needs outgrow what technology can offer, you will likely end up having a professional rebuild your entire website all over again and have to start building SEO and organic traffic to the site from scratch.

Unique Branding Impossible

If all the other reasons to avoid a free website design builder aren’t enough, consider the fact that you can only choose from stock template designs for your site layout.

Combined with all the other limitations, it is practically impossible to make your website unique from the many others out there that may be using the same template.

Changing a few colors and moving text blocks and headlines around will not hide the fact that you are using a stock layout.

Some Final Web Design Thoughts

A website design that is functional, optimizable, and equipped to bring in the traffic you need to grow your business is critical for online success.

Unfortunately, free web design builders are so limited in what they offer no matter how attractive the site you build with them may appear.

When you invest in professional, custom web design developed specifically for your business needs, that cost will be recuperated many times over in the profits made from new clients and customers!

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