Four Surefire Ways to Leverage Web Design Examples


web design exampleThere are times when I really feel like I can’t come up with a good, original web design.   I guess we’ve all been there and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that you are also struggling to come up with a concept for your website. One way you overcome a ‘designer’s block’ for brilliant web design ideas is by taking advantage of any web design example you could find on the internet.

If coming up with a good web design concept seems impossible, here are some tips to guide you as to where to look and what to look for in a web design example. It’s time to do some legwork, or should I say mouse work (!) to find an awe-inspiring web design example.

Look for samples from any web designer’s portfolio. With just a quick search on the browser, you can access a list of various web designers. You can choose either freelancers or web design firms. Web designers often showcase their work in their portfolios. Do some thorough screening on their designs and see which ones have concepts that might be good for your site.

There are several things you should check on the website to make sure it’s internet-worthy. If a link to the actual site is available, then visit the actual website to experience the site firsthand.


First, find your way around the website of this web design example. The website shouldn’t be difficult to use even for new users. Make sure the layout is simple and easy to understand so visitors wouldn’t have to spend too long to figure out where they are or where they should go. If the layout is too complicated to use, the tendency is that visitors wouldn’t stay long and will just move on to the next website.


Make sure that all the pages and links of the web design example are actually working. One of the frustrating things about browsing is dealing with dead links and missing pages. If the designer creates the website well enough, then all the links and pages should function properly.


Try opening the website on different browsers. There are times when websites have incompatibility issues from one browser to another. As a result, it will show up right on one browser and jumbled on another. A good web design example should appear the same on every browser.


Lastly, check the loading speed of the website. Heavy graphics and visual elements can compromise the loading speed of the website. Ideally, this web design example should be ‘light’ enough to appear on the browser in just a fraction of a second.

These are just a few ways to gauge a good web design. Finding a good web design example on which to base your website isn’t really that difficult; all it takes is a little bit of patience. If you’re fortunate to find a good web design example, you should consider hiring that web designer. If it looks good to you, it will undoubtedly look good to visitors to your website.  Good luck with finding a great web design!

Chris Hunter is an expert Web Designer and Internet Marketer and runs a blog about Internet Marketing techniques. You can also go to his website that is all about Web Design Examples.


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