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Houston_Web_DesignWebsites are a vital marketing tool for the 21st century, used to establish the presence of a brand, a company, or a product to the global audience via cyberspace. The internet is used to learn about a brand or a product; it also serves as a medium for transactions as well. Because of the crucial role that websites play, building one should be given a great deal of attention, planning, and care. For anyone wanting to have a website that will establish a positive reputation, here’s the path to a perfect Houston web design.

  • Determine Website Function – Whatever the project may be, the first step is to plan where the project is heading; without such planning, the whole thing could be a disaster. In the case of creating a website, the first step is to plan its role for the represented business. Is it simply to establish presence, a source of public information; is it for selling products or services; will it be used to provide online support and service; or will it be a combination of these functions? All this should serve as a road map for Houston web designers before the project begins.
  •  Choose Domain Name – The next important step is to determine the website’s domain name which is the alphanumeric address that makes the website easier to remember. Without a domain name, the address for a site would be combination of numbers that would be very difficult to remember. Rather, it should be easy to remember and be closely related to what the website represents. For example, a website about pet care should choose a domain name that represents the business such as “bestpetcare”. Web users could easily remember such a domain name and it is already search engine optimized since that search term would likely be used to look for related services in the search engines.
  •  Choose Web Host – Web hosting refers to physical servers that store a website’s dedicated servers that are up and running 24/7 to be available for any users anywhere around the world; they also have backups so a website will continue to be available whenever a server requires maintenance or encounters a problem. Choosing a web host is important as this is where all website data is stored. A host should be located close to the targeted audience for faster connection and download speed and provide high security, round the clock technical support, and back-up servers to avoid down time.
  •  Choose Theme – The theme is another crucial step to a successful website. If a website is built for an already popular brand, then any design should be nearly identical to the brand so it can be easily identified. If the website is for a relatively new brand, then it should have a theme that will hopefully become a recognizable brand by its color schemes, logos, banners and visual appeal.
  • Implement SEO – After a website is launched, search engine optimization should be implemented. SEO is a combination of web design and marketing strategy, making it easier for search engines to index and include a website in its rankings. This is important since search engines are the directory of websites, so it is vital to be listed in the search results in order to be found. It begins with proper coding of web pages so search engines can find and index them. Adding content is also part of SEO, giving search engines material to index in order to deliver quality content to users. The second phase of SEO starts after launch and involves submitting content to popular directories in order to jump start organic traffic.

Websites are a vital part of business success and should be given high priority during the Houston web design process. Follow the steps indicated above and be well on the way to following a proven and tested way to build a perfect website!

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  1. Hey! I found your article extremely interesting! How would one go about coming up with a theme for the website?

  2. Hello! Thanks for your comment! The theme generally should go along with what type of company you are. For example, if you are a sports company maybe having some type of athletic equipment themed website will attract visitors!

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