Explain the Benefits of Template Website Designs!


Websites can be built from the ground up by using HTML coding and cascading style sheets (CSS) to create lucrative Texas_Website_Designersarrangements or by using visual What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors for a more hands-on approach. When first treading into new territory, perhaps as a complete beginner to the world of web design or as an established Texas website designer looking to branch out into blogging, online marketing or social media, using a ready-made template can save the creator a lot of time and provide new ideas for later creations.

  • Availability – Templates are available from professional and independent creators and can be found easily with an internet search. Their size and complexity vary greatly to accommodate everyone, from small businesses requiring only a handful of pages with static content to large indexes of hundreds of pages with dynamic content. Some templates are offered without any cost, provided that the original designers are credited on the finished page. More complex or custom-made models may cost up to several hundred dollars. It is recommended that businesses take these potential costs into consideration when creating a budget.
  • Benefits – The benefits of using website templates are mainly related to consistency and ease of updating. By using an already designed format for the entire site, the resulting pages will have a uniform appearance. Navigation between pages is usually greatly simplified, with reduced risk of broken links or other inter-connectivity problems. Most templates are provided with placeholder or “dummy” content which can be copied, edited or completely replaced with desired content. There is the added benefit of creating new pages easier, as a document merely needs to be copied and the content changed without having to edit any code.
  • Compatibility – When looking for a good template, a Texas website designer should ensure that it is compatible with most browsers and HTML-editors and that all the necessary files are provided in formats that can be easily modified if so desired. This includes PSD versions of all the header graphics, buttons and other visual elements; FLA and SWF files for flash modules; and all the style sheets and other files that make up the program. It is also important to determine if the finished website will be easy to update and can be uploaded without any problems to the target web host.
  • Disadvantages – The major disadvantage to using templates instead of custom-made design is that the templates can be difficult to modify or hard to tweak the visual appearance. Color schemes and page layout can be fixed in the style sheets that are difficult for inexperienced designers to edit. It is also important to remember that copyright to the templates is held by the original creator and the copyright cannot be transferred by a customer after purchasing the product.

Using templates is a good way for small businesses that require only moderately complex designs to set up a site quickly and easily. Many are available for free and can be readily downloaded from the internet. An aspiring Texas website designer is encouraged to determine goals and requirements prior to deciding on a template to make sure one that is suitable for needs and editing expertise is found!

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