E-Commerce Web Design – 7 Great Tips To Get More Sales!




web design in college station texasYour ecommerce web design is your company’s main tool for generating sales. Yet unless it is functioning properly and making it easy for customers to browse, select, and buy your merchandise, your ecommerce web design may not be working as efficiently as it should be. To bring in more sales, ecommerce web design services suggest the tips below to make your site more functional and provide the best possible user experience.

1. Page Load Speed

The page load speed of any website is a critical factor in keeping any traffic that comes to the site. If your ecommerce web design is slow to load, there is an increased chance that users will abandon your site and look elsewhere. Not only must your homepage load quickly, your individual product pages must do so as well. To facilitate even more browsing, your on-site search must also work quickly.  

2. Simple Checkout Process

The fastest loading and most functional web design could still cause your website to lose customers if the checkout page is complicated or confusing in any way. Reduce abandoned shopping carts by using a simple checkout page, preferably one with all fields on one page. By sending users to the payment screen after a single click or tap on the main checkout pages, you can expect to watch your sales rise.  

3. Cater to Your Customer’s Search Habits

Ecommerce web design services recommend researching the way your customers access and use your site so you can optimize it for these devices. Use a heat map tool that tracks the devices being used and how customers are browsing on your site. Make sure your pages are accessible when customers are ready to spend their money by ensuring they can shop and make purchases easily using their preferred device.

4. Analytics and Conversion Auditing

Google analytics and similar webmaster tools are essential for determining your customers base, what they want, where their searches originate, and other useful demographic information. Conversion auditing tools help fine tune your web design optimization so you can reach more interested users. When combined, these two tools are extremely helpful in helping make decisions about website changes to attract more customers.

5. Add Chat Help

Including live chat with your ecommerce web design gives shoppers an easier and more convenient way to ask questions before they buy. Providing customers with the ability to reach a live customer service representative before they make a purchase also helps build a positive company reputation and increased customer trust.

6. Add Video

Another way to answer customer questions concerning your products is to include informative product videos in your ecommerce web design. Descriptive and explanatory videos attract attention from users who are looking for more details; it can help them decide whether your product is right for them. Rather than deciding against a purchase, they are more likely to buy in confidence if they have a good idea of exactly what they are getting.

7. Build Trust

In addition to adding live chat help, services who design ecommerce websites suggest building customer trust in other ways. Prominently display website security information, company accreditations, awards your site or product has won, and positive customer testimonials. If appropriate, include a page to introduce staff members so your customers can associate actual faces with your business.

Almost any website with a shopping cart can be considered as having an ecommerce web design. Yet getting the most sales requires a web design that is easy to use, caters to the needs of your customers, and helps them actually make their purchases. Ecommerce web design services find that by improving function and reducing customer questions, you should have more successful sales and fewer abandoned shopping carts!

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