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Reputation MarketingBuilding a strong online reputation is an important step in doing business via the internet. Reputation marketing is just as important as any business marketing campaign; however, it can affect such efforts, both positively and negatively. With this in mind, it is a good idea for any company to closely look at how that business is perceived from an online standpoint as well as the activities being done in an attempt to increase the customer base and sales volume. Sometimes companies inadvertently work against themselves; so having a clear understanding of how to increase reputation by using good methods is key.

Social Media is Meant to be – Social!

Experts in the realm of reputation marketing advise that there is more involved with establishing a profile on popular social media pages than just opening an account, completing some information, and leaving the page to just sit with no attention being given to it. The purpose of ‘social’ media is to interact with people, something that has become increasingly important as Internet usage has dramatically changed over the past few years. An untouched social media page gives the impression that a business does not care about connecting with customers or viewers, which is a big mistake.

Along a similar vein, when a company uses Twitter then keeps the account private so a potential viewer has to ‘request to follow’ is not a good approach. It creates an aura of distrust among those who might otherwise be interested. Makes one wonder exactly what information is being tweeted privately – and the first thought is that it is not something very good!

The way for a company to get maximum ‘spin’ from social pages and increase brand recognition is to actually use social pages – and make it easy for anyone to read whatever is posted there. Additionally, encouraging and responding to any postings is one of the biggest ways to gain a positive reputation among followers. Most users of social media are quick to notice how quickly and seriously a company takes its audience – and base an opinion on whether or not that business takes the time to form trusting relationships.

Be Professional and Consistent

One truism accepted with internet usage is that mistakes – whether off color remarks, website fumbles, poor interaction, or any other negative occurrence – travel at the speed of light, which is why a company must maintain an absolutely professional impression. What does this involve? It means having a professional, user-friendly website with consistent, recognizable logos and colors as well as a complete company bio with professional-looking photos of all upper staff members. It is also important to have completed profiles on social pages that use the same, accurate information and refer viewers to a company website for further information or contact.

Every company should also be sure that all online dealings, whether communications with customers or merely speaking about business in general, should always be professional, without personal writer opinions or derogatory remarks that are bound to backfire. One of the fastest ways to destroy reputation is to seem untrustworthy or lose public credibility; avoiding such kinds of situations is essential.

The basic point is that companies looking to benefit from a positive online reputation must work diligently on reputation marketing. Of course, it is vital to use available opportunities to increase public awareness; however, such efforts must be correctly handled and always portray a business in the best and most positive social light!

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    • You cannot really dictate who follows you and who does not unless your twitter account is on private, otherwise you must block them.

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