Don’t Conquer Search Engines – Make Them Your Partner


Houston SEO ServicesWhen a company is looking for Houston SEO services, it is important to learn what method will be used as there are two common approaches: competitive and cooperative, both of which can be effective to help a business achieve what it takes to be competitive on the internet. Learning about these methods allows for discerning which one is best suited for website optimization which is actually a search engine partnership.


This particular approach views an SEO strategy like a track and field game, where one player is in the lead and all others on the track are opponents. If situated anywhere else in the pack, that player has lost the game; so the goal is to always be in the lead, regardless of what that takes. Adopting such a philosophy in terms of optimization would mean a continual attempt to unravel the latest algorithms changes and look for new ways to manipulate any newly found concepts in order to position a website at the top of the search engine results page. Following are three aspects of using such an approach.

  • Domination – This SEO method SEO looks for ways to trick the browsers to achieve high search engine results listing even if the content and its attributes are considered invaluable to its users.
  • Less Work – This method requires less work with more rapidly realized results. It seems much more convenient to not have to worry about providing fresh and quality content, since the only effort here is to watch for algorithm changes although in reality, keeping up with such changes requires more work.
  • More Money – This method generally requires that more money be spent to achieve top ranking as this often requires paid advertising services such as PPC or Pay Per Click.

This method of SEO is generally not the best way to reach top search results ranking on a permanent basis as it can be very unstable and subject to search engine penalties if discovered.


This approach is a Houston SEO services firm seeks natural ranking by abiding with all search engine policies, thereby achieving the end result of a website ranking high on the results pages because value provided to visitors and potential customers. Following are some characteristics of such an approach.

  • Quality Content – This is provided by knowing that browsers want to return to users valuable results. The motivation to improve using this strategy relies on what search engines and users demand.
  • High Page Ranking – High listings are not achieved because a website uses cutting-edge SEO technology or is perceived to be have more superior qualities than another. Instead, attaining high ranking is typically based on the consistency of optimization methods as applied to the website.
  • Useful Information – Instead of chasing the ever-changing technical attributes of browsers which only provides short-term results, a cooperative approach uses methods to help position a website to be more competitive while providing useful information. Such information and up-to-date product details are constantly being added to a website.
  • Page Rank Predictability – Search engine ranking is more predictable with this method as it does not fluctuate due to algorithm shifts or spam filters. Rethinking optimization methods is not continuous, providing more time to focus on other marketing strategies, such as conversion rates.

With all of this in mind, it would be wise to consult with a professional SEO company that provides Houston SEO services. This means that websites are created to cooperate with search engines, rather than compete against them. This creates a healthy search engine partnership that allows for high ranking alongside the competition, not beating it up on the way to the top!

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    • That’s right. If you cooperate you’ll probably get higher faster than if you try to outsmart Google. If you try to outsmart it, you may end up with negative results!

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