Does Your Website Offer Joy or Misery to Users?


Austin_Website_DesignThe development of a website, no matter what the purpose may be, is always done with the hopes that it will achieve all desired purposes.  It is not serving that purpose at all if users are unable to find what is desired simply and quickly, with a minimum of clicks to a final destination. Unfortunately, many website owners do not realize if some of the most common usability mistakes are being committed. Instead of just wondering why important internet traffic goals are not being achieved, Austin website design experts suggest looking from the user’s point of view: is your site a joy to use – or is it pure misery? Learn from the tips listed below and be sure that users are having the best possible experience with a website and reach desired goals easier.

Loading Time Delays

If a user has any difficulty or delay before even reaching the website itself, this is a definite red flag that should be remedied as soon as possible. Find the source of the delay and either correct the problem or remove it. Websites that are heavy with graphics, video, audio, and animation usually take too long to load, causing visitors to click off rather than wait. A web page only has a few seconds to make a favorable first impression; if that doesn’t happen because it hasn’t even loaded, most visitors will click off almost right away.

Uncluttered Design

An attractive appearance is not going to be the same for every internet viewer when it comes to Austin website design, colors, fonts and other artistic elements must come together to make up an internet presence for any organization. It is impossible to design to please everyone; however, the best option is to be somewhat conservative, having a clean and pleasant appearance. Using non-offensive color palettes, simple fonts, and an uncluttered layout will support good function – which does not mean that every website should be bland and boring. Design should be fitted to the website purpose, its audience, and functionality. Creating good, usable design is one of the true challenges in website building.

Good Interface and Navigation

Having a user-friendly interface and simple navigation are essential. The homepage should include easily locatable, self-explanatory links to important parts of the website; menus should be well planned to be obvious without being obtrusive. Basically, any user should be able to reach the homepage and go anywhere desired right from that main spot. An interface can still be innovative and new, so long as it is easy to navigate and simple to understand. The inclusion of a sitemap in the footer is recommended to aid smooth navigation.

Page Size and Placement

Ideally, a user-friendly website is one that requires little scrolling on the home page. Offering viewers easy access to important website parts will keep scrolling and user frustration to a minimum. Such parts would include: sidebar content, navigation, call-to-action buttons, help links, contact links, and shopping carts among others. Users should not have to search for main, important links to get around the website. If that is happening, the website is more complex than it needs to be and risks losing viewers. Home page real estate is high priority; all content should be placed where it best serves the user, an easily identifiable location.

Many of these tips can be implemented individually, for a gradual redesign that will achieve a more functional, pleasing website. Contact an Austin website design professional to discuss specific website goals so it will be a joy to use – not a miserable experience!

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