Does Your Website Deserve High Ranking?


Austin TX SEOIn the competitive online business world, an effective and efficient website is essential for any company to achieve both high page rank and good Austin TX SEO results. Poor, low-quality websites that used to attain high ranking is a thing of the past as Google has continued to improve search engine algorithms to the point where web indexers and crawlers are more specific than ever been. Now, the only sites that get high page ranking are deserving ones. Now all that remains is knowing how a website can fulfill Google’s many requirements for quality websites in order to deserve higher ranking.

Quality Is Always First

Though it is said time and time again, quality content is king, especially now. Many of the optimization tricks that could have been used a year or two ago no longer work as Google’s latest and toughest algorithms now filter and find them. What this means is that a website must fulfill all the qualifications to be considered a trustworthy website according to Google’s standards, which covers many different elements and inclusions.

Even websites that have always survived Google’s changes and filters, internal links and backlink quality in particular mean more than ever before. Essentially, a website is worthy of recognition and page rank if it is well designed, informative, and usable while having no connection, backlink or otherwise, to or from any poor-quality sites, instead associating only with other high quality ones, all of which helps generate better Austin TX SEO.

Use Free Tools to Test Quality

Once a website’s usability and quality have been confirmed, it is a good idea to run some tests on it to look for any non-functioning or problematic areas. Creating a website that looks good, functions well, and is able to survive Google’s algorithms changes is of course the goal. There are many free online analytical applications and programs that can look for any glitches that could prevent good websites from ranking.

Other than keyword help tools, the main ones that are beneficial for hunting down website problems that could keep a site from ranking well are HTML debugging tools and link checkers, which make sure links are properly functioning and detect bad code. Copyscape is helpful as it looks for duplicate text, something that can work negatively for most websites. Sitemap testers and speed testers are useful as well, as are anchor text optimization tools to suggest the best way to anchor internal links. Applications that help create and test breadcrumbs can help speed up indexing in general and “snippet testers” will display how text links will display, along with their descriptions, to allow for fine-tuning until they are just right.

Google’s search engine changes that have caused a few problems for some should be considered the standard of how to create a high quality website that will generate good Austin TX SEO results and eventually rank well. Any problems that are detected should be taken care of in order to achieve good page ranking. Once such issues are handled, a website will truly deserve its ranking and much more capable of attracting interested visitors and buyers!

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