Does Your Web Design Attract or Repel Potential Clients?


Within the first 3 seconds that someone visits your website, they’ve already made the decision whether to look further into the site or click back and resume their search.

This is the biggest challenge web design companies face in enticing people to visit your website and stay there to look around.

Does your web design attract clients and welcome them to look around more?

If not, you may need professional design services that can make sure yours has what it needs to bring in traffic and keep it there so you can sell more.

How Welcoming Is Your Website’s Opening Message?

One critical element in any web design is the message your viewer sees the moment they get to your homepage.

Does it immediately portray what your business does and how you can help them?

In only a few words, your page must show the benefits to be gained by working with or buying from your company.

To achieve this, focus on listing concise statements describing benefits, qualities, and solutions for clients as opposed to long-winded explanations of what your company is going to do for them; they are already there looking for that solution.

Tell them as quickly as possible on the homepage what you have to offer.

Who is Your Website Design Really About?

Too often, businesses skip a web design company and create their own site, ending up with something that’s all about them – me, me, me.

While that may seem like the right path, in truth your website needs to be about your clients.

Expanding from that opening message, your clients need a professional website design that’s focuses on their problems and your solutions to fix their problems.

Your website should be mobile-friendly, attractive to the audience you’re trying to attract, and load quickly as well as offer the content and functionality your clients want and need to help them make informed decisions.

Is There a Clear Call-to-Action?

Another common mistake that can affect whether potential clients stay or go is your Call-to-Action.

If there isn’t one or it doesn’t clearly direct your users on how to complete a task and get closer to converting, you’ve increased the possibility of losing that client.

CTAs need to be bold, effective, and guide users where you want them to go.

Web design companies can help you decide on the perfect CTAs for your site that your audience will click.

Is There a Variety of Content?

If you want people to come to your website and stay a while, it’s important that your website design includes a variety of content in formats your audience prefers.

Informative, quality content like blog posts, videos, images, graphics, and others keeps your site interesting, gives you more ways to distribute content, and helps engage your audience and build essential trust with them.

Be Sure Your Website Attracts Clients

In a competitive business world, the right web designing service can make or break your company’s ability to reach target audiences and gain new clients.

Unless your site is welcoming and draws viewers in with an attractive message, user-friendly functionality, a variety of content, and obvious CTAs, you might end up sending them away instead of reeling them in.

Make sure your site attracts and doesn’t repel your clients by getting with a skilled website design company!

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