Does Your SEM Have SEO and SMM?


SEO in HoustonIt should be easy to notice the extensive use of acronyms in the title of this article. Most business people are programmed to hear certain sets of letters and automatically know what they mean, such as, QC, QA, CEO, etc.. Acronyms also exist in the internet world, such as http, www, IRC, and IM and even more are used in regards to website marketing: SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing; SEO stands for Search Engine optimization; and SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. The last two help to ensure success with SEM, providing the leverage it needs in the realm of SEO in Houston a business to globally thrive.

SEO and SEM Improvements

There are two ways in which a business can improve SEO and SEM: by having strong website visibility and using the right method.

  • Visibility – Without proper visual availability, all SEO and SEM endeavors will fail. There are two ways to gain this: through paid advertisements such as pay-per-click and through unpaid advertising. The unpaid method of search engine optimization is also called natural, organic, or algorithmic. Such a method provides naturally high rankings with search engine result pages; the more visibility a website, the more visitors it will attract.
  • Method – Some don’t understand the role of SEO and SEM in an internet marketing strategy, which is unfortunate. Many others using this approach can testify that it is successful in bringing visitors to a website. Success with SEO and SEM is very dependent on website optimization. There are ways to improve a website’s conversion rate to persuade a visitor to make a purchase. One method of determining conversion rate success is by setting up an analytics program.

What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing or SMM is an attempt to persuade social media users to buy products or services. This method should be used very carefully and not be too aggressive in the use of advertising and persuasion techniques that would cause some visitors to leave. Reading social media guidelines is very helpful and necessary to prevent pressuring visitors that could lead to being banned from a particular community site.

A good SEM approach is by treating the audience as fellow members of the community by interacting regularly with other members. Certain tasks should be done on a regular basis, such as posting comments, updating pictures, providing fresh blogs, etc. All of these activities are time-consuming and certainly not a one-day process. Time, patience and constant nurturing are required and may required having a dedicated department or person assigned to perform such a role.

Anyone SEO in Houston firm will agree that the above-referenced methods are very helpful for SEM, SEO and SMM and require a lot of effort to ensure success. One way for a business to be certain a website is properly optimized is to put it in the hands of a reputable web design company to bring a high level of traffic, increased conversions, and increased sales to a company. Yes, be sure that every company has SEO and SMM as part of a successful SEM strategy!

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  1. I haven’t started any social media marketing yet because I didn’t think it was important. Thanks for the information, I’ll definitely start working on social media!

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