Does Your Online Reputation Project Authority?


Reputation_MarketingAn important part of online brand building and reputation marketing for any business is becoming an authority in the area on which the company is based. By being a name recognized with a certain product, service, or topic, a company can gain a reputation for being informed and trustworthy. So how can a business create such a position of authority? Follow these tips and turn any business into an authority that helps build a great online reputation and earns the trust of new customers as a result.

Prominent Web Presence

Being reachable and visible on the internet is the primary way to be viewed as an authority on a particular subject. This can involve everything from having an easy to remember website URL to having an SEO plan to show up prominently in search results. Frequent press releases, reviews, and other means of presenting a business and its products or services is a great way to be seen by as many people as possible. Marketing the brand’s name via advertising and social media outlets is essential, especially wherever the competition is intense. News or happenings can create interest and bring a brand into the spotlight as does creating a prominent web presence, all working together to build both authority and reputation.

Social Media Usage

Once looked as simply a fad that businesses did not need, social media has become a very important part of reputation marketing for web-based businesses. A company must have profiles on popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Quora, Pinterest and more, especially if a large portion of any targeted audience uses such websites. Once established, every business should make constant use of these social sites and post frequent, relevant information in which viewers can find value.

Companies that use social media for further brand exposure can interact with customers, all of which adds an amount of trust to a brand name. When visitors can interact with a company and get responses back, they are more likely to trust that company and pay attention to what is being posted. A business that is accessible can increase web visibility and build authority at the same time. Sharing and feedback from all users as well as customer comments, reviews and other testimonials spread around the social world and can be some of the most valuable reputation-building recognition of all.

Updated Blog

Besides the main website and any social media profiles, every business should also keep a blog and update it regularly. By providing frequent posts offering quality information about topics associated with the business, it is possible to remain at the forefront of most visitor’s minds. When used in conjunction with social media and a well-designed website, it is possible for a business to become that authority customers look to on the web, a presence that is recognized and trusted.

Blog posts that support a company’s products or services with important details that display knowledge and authority further build credibility that is so helpful in attracting new customers. It shows that a company is interested in the people they serve and want to provide information that may be needed to complete a transaction. Additionally, frequent blog posts help to increase SEO efficiency and social media effectiveness, so the importance is threefold.

It is possible to see how such ideas can work together as good reputation marketing techniques to create an authoritative presence on the Internet for any company. With diligence in all of these areas, it is possible for a company to become a well-respected name that is trusted by customers and a leader in the market!

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  1. I’m wondering about the time commitment that is required to keep up a blog. I am running a business, and I don’t have time to write long blog posts all the time! Let me know what you think.

    • Hi Shannon, not every blog has to be a long drawn out thesis paper. They can be news updates about your industry or information about sales that you would like to alert your customers about. It’s not as hard as it sounds, I promise!

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