Does Domain Age and Ranking Go Hand-in-Hand?


Houston_SEO_ServicesThe possibilities and benefits that can be acquired with a website are endless – some are created to share information; some to promote an organization or an event; and some to sell particular products or services. According to Houston SEO services, one thing in common with all of these is the fact that websites not featured in the top search engine results have little chance for acquiring high traffic volume.

Ranking Factors

There are several aspects that contribute to website rankings. An effective internet marketing strategy, proper SEO, the use of a sitemap, and a suitable web design are some of the most important factors. The domain name is another critical aspect that is not always given enough importance. It is not always thought that domain age and ranking go hand-in-hand, so perhaps it is important to consider why a domain name should be carefully chosen.

Website Aging Process

Once a website has been launched, there is really nothing that can be done about the fact that it is new to the internet and to the search engines. All that can be done is wait for time to pass for the age of the website to increase. In the meantime, the ranking of the website is relatively low. In fact, Google waits at least three months before giving a page ranking to new sites. This is referred to as the “sandbox effect” and refers to allow new websites to ‘play around’ to see if they are of any value – or not. The intent of this by Google it to decrease ‘spammy’ websites on the internet.

When trying to establish an effective web presence and achieve a good ranking, this period may be considered as a waste of time, which actually is not true. This time can be used to work on various internet marketing techniques that could help promote a website. Consider work on publishing articles, RSS feeds, and backlinks. Specialists in Houston SEO services can help to ensure that a website achieves good results during any waiting period.

Domain Name

There is a certain correlation between a company that has been in business for many years and a website that has existed on the internet for a longer period of time. A long-time business has more customers and is trusted as a reputable source for the product or service being sold; it is also true with websites. So there is truth in the statement that the age of a website does matter. It is also true that domain age does not always equal the website’s age. The length of time that the domain has been registered is another determining factor.

When a website with a new domain name is going to be developed, it would be extremely beneficial to get the domain name registered immediately to start at least a portion of this aging process. Another aspect to consider is to not wait for all aspects of a new website with a new domain name to be completed before launching the website. Changes can be made or new areas completed and added to the website during this aging process so that the complete design and the end of the ‘sandbox effect’ come close to happening at the same time. Although it rarely happens, it is at least possible to purchase a domain name that has been previously been used.

So in answer to the question as to whether domain age and ranking go hand-in-hand, it is possible to say that there are several things to consider. Although age does matter, there are a number of things that can help to lessen the effect that can help a website get traffic and be initially effective. Web design firms who offer Houston SEO services will factor these issues into a strategy to be sure that good results are achieved just as soon as possible!

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  1. My site is new and I had already registered my domain before I launched it. It’s been about 4 months and I haven’t seen any improvements, is there something I can do to help speed up my ranking?

    • A website won’t rank on its own; it needs help. Start by doing some organic SEO. Post to your blog and if you have time post some articles to article directories. Organic SEO takes about 6 months to really see improvement, so if you keep this up on a regular basis you should be ranked in that time.

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