Do You Know What Backlinks and SEO Do For A Website?


Houston Search Engine OptimizationEven though it seems that SEO practices are changing as frequently as Google’s search algorithms, links continue to play an important role. Incoming links from other websites provide a sense of value which helps increase Houston search engine optimization. Because of the many algorithm changes, it is important to be careful with generating incoming links and know their origination since not all links are created equally.

Helpful Backlinks

To increase SEO in Houston, a website needs to have certain qualities, such as ease of indexing, good keyword selection, and good content to name a few. Another important quality for any website is to attract internal links to and from important pages on the website and as many incoming links as possible. In order to be beneficial to better optimization, they must be the right kind of links.

Incoming links – or backlinks – are valuable for a few reasons. First, they bring in more traffic to a website and increased traffic is yet another way that Houston SEO can be improved. More importantly, backlinks from reputable sources increase a website’s authority and reputation, which ranks more with Google than increased hits.

Helpful Internal Links

Linking from one page to another is not difficult and it seems natural to link as many pages together as possible, although in many cases it can be overdone. Linking many pages to one important page carries much more weight when it comes to Houston search engine optimization than linking many pages to many other pages. Essentially, the best practice is to pick the most important pages on a website and only link to those so they can gain the full benefit provided by internal linking without the losses caused by having too many.

There are differences as to how incoming links are linked. Links to the URL of another page are common; however, it is more valuable to link to anchor text, frequently a keyword or key phrase. Links to unrelated text are common as well but are also not as valuable as those linked to anchor text; however, variety is good.

Most Effective Incoming Links

As already mentioned, incoming links are some of the most valuable when it comes to Houston SEO and improved page rank. Before Google began weeding out spam links, it was possible to benefit from any incoming links, even those from spam and junk sites as well as links generated through link farms.

As far as the links themselves are concerned, incoming links from a few good sites have more value than a few links coming from the same site. Whether an incoming link or an internal link, the best areas for linking are within content on the upper portion of the web page, avoiding sidebars and footers.

Since Google is now choosier about SEO in Houston, to take full advantage of incoming links they must be from good quality websites that already get good attention themselves. This can happen a number of ways, including article directories, developing relationships with other blog and website owners, and regularly using social media.

Without a one-size-fits-all link-building formula, generating backlinks and positioning internal links takes trial and error to know which links help and which do not. The best practice is to create a quality website that provides value to visitors, include necessary internal links, and don’t over-do it. Usually, as long as there is continued work with other Houston search engine optimization methods, better link building will happen!

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