Do You Know How to Safeguard Your WordPress Website?


WordPress website design security is a top priority that every site owner should be concerned about.

Although the WordPress platform offers an incredible amount of features and flexibility to make websites easier to maintain, your website is still susceptible to hacking just like any other site.

Keep your WordPress website secure and free of breaches using these best methods practiced by professional WordPress security design services!

1. Password Security, Authentication and Permissions

Half the battle with WordPress website security is controlling who has access to your website, then keeping their information protected.

Periodically review and update password policies as technology progresses to keep up with current practices and offer two-factor authentication.

Create permissions and access policies to restrict entry to more critical areas of the website and protect sensitive information.

2. Trusted Sources for Plugins and Themes

With the number of useful plugins and attractive themes available today for WordPress that may come from unknown publishers, WordPress security web designers stress the importance of choosing only those from trusted sources.

Poorly written plugins and themes that are not updated and kept secure are prime sources of vulnerabilities that could allow security breaches.

3. Remove Unused Plugins and Codes

In addition, WordPress security website design services consider it best practices to continually remove all unused plugins and themes from the website and its hosted files.

Even if these files are not currently in use, just their presence on a website creates a security vulnerability when these files are not being regularly maintained and updated like those that are in use.

4. Secure, Reputable Web Hosting

Always start out with a secure hosting solution as the first line of defense for your WordPress website.

Choose a reputable service with a proven security track record that uses encryption and other regularly updated security features so there is less risk of your site being hacked at the server level.

5. Encryption Plus Security Plugins and Logging

Another great thing about the WordPress platform are the included security features that you can add to your site such as encryption and various WordPress-published security plugins to handle automated security functions.

The platform also offers security logging for monitoring websites to detect any suspicious activity.&

6. WordPress Account Security Features

Beyond the plugins and security logging, WordPress is designed with a multitude of other account security features that work collaboratively to reduce vulnerabilities when included in your WordPress website design plan.

These additional features include controls such as: editable admin names; limited login attempts; disabling of file editing and PHP file execution; disabling of directory indexing and browsing; automatic idle logout; security questions; editable database prefixes; and many other security-enhancing features.

7. Regular WordPress Updates

Above all, WordPress security web designers suggest that keeping the site software fully updated at all times acts as a primary method for preventing site breaches.

WordPress updates with patches and improved security technology should be installed immediately upon release as these are the main ways that any WordPress user can protect their site from known threats.

Safe WordPress Website Design

Ultimately, keeping your WordPress website secure from current and future threats revolves around keeping all parts of the site updated and running with current code.

From the plugins, themes, and applications incorporated into your site to those used by your hosting company, it is critical to keep up with technology.

When professional WordPress security website design services implement the many built-in security features and techniques offered by the WordPress platform, you can be sure your website can withstand the hackers today, tomorrow, and into the future!

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