Do You Have Blogophobia – Does the Word ‘Blog’ Scare You?


Austin SEOBlogs – a staple of having an online presence that is used by individuals and companies, basically anyone with some kind of message or opinion to share. Austin SEO experts say they are easy to use and demand only as much or as little time as is takes to create a post. Despite this, blogs instill fear into the hearts of many website owners who run the other way instead of embracing the world of blogging. Well, it is way past time to face such fears and realize that blogging is not only fun; it is important and can be done with a little bit of guidance.

A Blog is Not THE Website

The first thing that blogophobic writers should understand is that there are many different kinds of Austin SEO blogs, most of which do not require unloading personal feelings, discussing life’s ups and downs, or any other intimate details. It is ironic that this is what many people think of when the word blog is mentioned; yet a blog is merely a form of informal communication that can be easily updated, and – in terms of a business or organization – part of a brand’s whole website, not THE website itself!

Why You Need Business Blogs

A business blog is publicity, a way to form relationships with customers or potential ones. A blog encourages interaction with ongoing comments and questions, all adding to a company’s public impression. Blogs can be used to update readers about important news, populate social media pages with information, announce product line additions – really anything that should be relayed to customers or even employees. Business blogs can be open to the public to increase awareness and interaction – or it can be private to only company employees as a means of keeping everyone informed about company business. More and more businesses are starting to blog for just these very reasons – and those not yet blogging are way behind the internet success learning curve!

Alleviating Common Blogging Fears

One of the most common fears that keep business owners from blogging is not knowing how to get started. Topics and phrasing and writing – oh my! What should be the topic? How should it be phrased? What if it doesn’t sound good? Ah ha – now we’re getting to the root cause of blogophobia – many would-be bloggers are afraid that they either don’t write well at all or cannot always express what they want to say.

  • Get Started – Although a valid concern, many people do not realize such concerns can be overcome by simply (drum roll) starting. Really? Yes! Getting that first blog written, even if it says nothing more than “Welcome to the Blog,” is a start. Then decide on customer-appealing topics and put that into a post.
  • Continue – The key at this point is to continue – nothing long but done frequently to keep readers’ attention – at least once a week. If it helps, have someone review the posts before publishing to alleviate grammatical and writing fears – so long as it is not a committee that will take forever to review! Really, once the habit has started, blogging will get easier. Long-term bloggers have reported developing a feel for what to do, who the audience is, and how to address them – but it only happens by actually doing it!

So before passing up yet another opportunity to start a company blog and enter the blogging world, it’s time to just bite the bullet and jump in with both feet. Read and comment on other blogs to see examples; explore the many different, easy-to-use blogging platforms that exist within almost every Austin SEO website design. Starting usually involves writing and posting that important first posting. Once that happens, most blogophobics find that there is really nothing to fear, that it can be fun to interact with customers. Happy blogging!

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