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Texas Web Design FirmThere are much to read about mistakes not to make when creating a website, all very important; however, it is also necessary to look what should be done; avoiding issues is only half the battle. As any Texas web design firm will agree, ensuring the presence of some critical elements is the other half. There’s more involved than simply having a nice image on a home page and links to a few other pages of information. Consider including some of the following components to achieve a great web design.

  • Good Layout and Design – Knowing the difference between layout and design is important. Web layout is the map of a site’s functionality; web design is the visual look of it all. Both need to work together to create a website that is user-friendly and visually appealing, both of which act to create certain emotional and intellectual responses.
  • Header – The page header is more than simply a nice image. It creates a feel for the entire website and the rest of the content to follow. It creates brand recognition as well, and if used correctly can and should be an integral part of good SEO.
  • Search Box – Having a search box is as important as having good content to search through. One that is difficult to find and use is essentially an invitation for website visitors to go back to Google and visit another website.
  • Navigation and User Interface – Visitors to a web page should have no difficulty getting around. By providing user-friendly navigation as designed by a Texas web design firm including a site-map and repeat navigation in a footer as well as a user interface that is easy to use provides much greater efficiency and retained visits to a website.
  • Sign Up Functionality – Today more than ever, people want the product or service to come to them as opposed to having to chase it down. Allowing subscribers to a newsletter, blog, or notification list is the easiest way to ensure a certain percentage of repeat visits, as signers are doing this by choice.
  • Contact – It is essential to provide a way for readers to contact the website. Regardless of what someone might want to comment on or ask about, not having any available means is extremely frustrating for website visitors – and frustration drives searchers to competitor websites. Even if there are no comments permitted anywhere in the site content itself, it is important to allow contact via email, either with a link or with an email message box on the website.
  • Footer – A footer should be designed to contain: navigation menus, any and all legal information; privacy notes; copyright notes; and other “fine print” as well as a contact email for the whole site. All of this should appear in the footer.

In a nutshell, a website built to contain all of the above elements is a basic website design that will pave the way for everything else such as good content, good optimization, etc. By using these building blocks, any web page can be user-friendly and perform as needed, serving all basic necessities. The rest is simply expanding on the basics. For help in creating or revising a website to have effective web design, contact a local Texas web design firm to implement the key elements of an effective web design layout!

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  1. What sort of contact information should I put on my new website? It’s very very basic and I work and run my business from home. I’ve given my cell number and email address but I’m not comfortable with putting my address. Is that fine?

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