Best Design Elements to Attract Customers to Your Website!


Texas Web Design FirmA company’s main goal for its website is to attract potential visitors and turn them into paying customers. It is unfortunate that a number of companies neglect this goal and never learn how to entice more visitors to convert into clients. This occurs under many different circumstances; however, one primary way this happens is when a company insists that their Texas web design firm create a website based on appearance rather than a function that will attract customers.


A popular cartoon series that has appealed to many generations starts two Looney Tunes characters, Wiley Coyote and the Road Runner. They engage in a long-standing battle of the Coyote trying to catch the Road Runner – and never being able to succeed in that effort no matter how much effort is put into it. The Coyote has little to no chance of catching the Road Runner and always becomes very frustrated at being unable to catch his friendly opponent. On the other hand, the Road Runner only stops when something else catches his interest – and then starts running again.

Internet users are like the Road Runner character, fast-moving until stopping to look at something interesting and appealing on a website. To capture that attention, web design must work to attract them, slow them down, and entice their interest long enough to view the product or service being offered and hopefully conclude a purchase. A website should not be like Wiley Coyote, always running to capture the Road Runner but never quite being able to figure out how to accomplish such a goal.

 Clear and Honest

A website design should be clear, honest, and able to attract viewers – potential customers – to the benefits of the product or service being offered. The design should cause visitors to want to pay close attention to and read more about the main products offered.

The design of the website should provide only the most relevant content that customers need to make a purchase decision – and without irrelevant information or distractions from that main decision to buy the product being offered. Anything other than that will take to long to sort through and cause a viewer to leave that location without buying anything at all.


Never have a Texas web design firm create a website that is too ‘cluttered’ with distractions to the main buying decision. The design must be simple and specific without hindrances to purchasing a product. Order processing should be simple to understand and the order form easy to complete in a short amount of time.

Instructions should be clear and simple – that is a very basic necessity for website design. Anything that is complicated or takes too long to read or use will cause a customer to look for another website to make a purchase.


Visitors would be annoyed to see a chocolate store link on a weight loss clinic website because it would be totally irrelevant to the information being sought. Likewise, a web surfer clicking on a link only to get directed to a 404 Error Page has just been totally driven away from that website. Make sure that everything placed on a website is actually necessary and relevant to a viewing potential customer. Be sure that all links are relevant and reasonable links be included in this site. Eliminate any irritating distractions such as third-party pop-up ads, banners, etc. that could cause visitors to leave that location.

Hopefully the above tips have shown the necessity for a Texas web design firm to create an internet location that can slow down those fast browsing visitors when surfing the internet long enough to see a product – and want to buy it. Such a goal can be achieved with the right effort and a concentration on creating a pleasant experience for viewers!

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  1. I am about to start up a brand new website for a non-profit I work with, and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to make changes to it as our calendar of events change, or will I have to have my web developer make those changes?

    • Depending on how big these changes are, you should be able to make them on your own. Ask your web designer for simple instructions on making changes such as uploading pictures or blog posts about events, and they should be able to show you.

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