Deciding Between In-House vs. Out-Sourced SEO


It’s not just enough to have a website in order to establish an internet presence. Aside from buildingSeo_in_Houston a website, it is also crucial to have the website high in the search engine rankings through search engine optimization. SEO in Houston is necessary to effectively establish an online presence and gain traffic.

With so many websites competing to gain good traffic, it is important to have leverage and that leverage is SEO. The problem lies in whether to take an in-house and out-sourced approach. In an effort to draw a clear line between these two options, below is highlighted the pros and cons of each approach.


As the names implies, this approach refers to having employed individuals create and manage the website. The advantage of this to an owner or CEO is the ability choose the strategies to implement, manage the employee handling such tasks, set the goals, and evaluate the achievements of the website. It is ideal for individuals who want to implement SEO on a tight budget but more so, who want to closely monitor the progress of the website. Any strategies are chosen and implemented by the owner and not the designer.

In order to implement In-house correctly, the person making all the decisions should have an extensive background in web design, internet marketing, and various evolving SEO strategies. Even when hiring individuals to do the work, it is still important to understand everything within the process for efficient management. SEO is not just a single strategy but rather a collaboration of several different action plans such as keyword research, article marketing, back linking, optimization – and knowing how each one functions will directly impact the success of the effort.

Another requirement to perform an in-house SEO in Houston approach is time. Getting tangible organic results on the search engines requires relentless effort in writing content, establishing links, etc. These efforts must be continuous in order to maintain a regular flow of traffic instead of being just a one-night stand in order for search engines to take notice the website and rank it increasingly higher.


On the other hand, an out-sourced approach refers to hiring a company to implement any SEO efforts. That company will do all the work required to get a website ranked highly in the search engines. All that is required of the hiring company executive is to sit back and watch the website grow in relevancy and popularity.

It is convenient to have someone else handle any SEO efforts, someone who will do all the hard work and get the website competitively ranked in the SERP’s. It is the wisest choice for individuals who don’t have the knowledge or time to learn about various SEO strategies particularly since such strategies continually evolve and change based on so many different factors.

The only downside of outsourcing such service is cost. Since all the work is left in the hands of an expert web marketer, the cost is most likely higher than hiring an employee just to handle SEO. Considering the time and labor required to get the job done as well as extensive knowledge, the money spent is usually a wise choice.

Of course, in-house and out-sourced approaches are equally good options. The decision on which one to implement will boil down to convenience, knowledge in SEO, and the allotted budget for web design. Hopefully this article has provided helpful information regarding the pros and cons of in-house and out-sourced approaches to the design and implementation of search engine optimization!

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