What Is CSS3 And Why Is It Used?


Texas_web_desisu_firmTo help build highly interactive online pages, CSS3 is strongly recommended due to its importance in providing greater options in the design process. When marketing products and services, web design plays a vital part; a site should be created in a manner that will draw potential customers to explore and revisit a website more often. Many Texas web design firms are developing and enhancing websites through the use of CSS3 as this is a great form of web development. This article will help define CSS3 and will point out its advantages.


The acronym CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets which is used to augment the functionality, versatility. and efficient performance of site content. It allows for the creation of content-rich websites that do not require much weight or codes; this translates into more interactive graphics and animation, superior user-interface, and significantly more organization and rapid download time.

This new technology delivers some interesting features that improve overall page appearance. It is not really a requirement for a page to function; however, online users can observe that such a page will look good, be simple, be navigable, and function flawlessly. This makes it easier for developers to design a page to leave a lasting impression on visitors and potential buyers who love online browsing.

It is used with HTML to create content structure, with CSS3 being used to format structured content. It is responsible for font properties, colors, text alignments, graphics, background images, tables and other components. This tool provides extra capabilities such as absolute, fixed and relative positioning of various elements. The increasing popularity of CSS3 when used by Texas web design firms stimulates major browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE9 to adopt and embrace this programming language.


Although CSS3 is not the only web development solution, it does allow provide greater advantages for several reasons.

  • Customization – A web page can be customized and alterations created in the design by simply changing a modular file.
  • Bandwidth Requirements – It decreases server bandwidth requirements, giving rapid download time when a site is accessed with desktop or hand-held devices, providing an improved user experience.
  • Consistency – It delivers consistent and accurate positioning of navigational elements on the website.
  • Appealing – It makes the site more appealing with adding videos and graphics easier.
  • Viewing – It allows online videos to be viewed without the use of third-party plug-ins.
  • Visibility – It delivers the opportunity to improve brand visibility by designing effective online pages.
  • Cost Effective – It is cost-effective, time-saving, and supported by most browsers.

Since the introduction of CSS3, there is greater control of the presentation of content and various elements on a website; however it is not really responsible for overall design as it only specifies the structure and content presentation of certain web pages. Due to the modern benefits of this language, many are taking advantage of good technological advances in website development. To learn more, consult with an expert Texas web design firm who can explain CSS3, its uses, advantages, common pitfalls, and why it should be used!

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  1. Having read your previous article about making your website accessible to cells, will the use of css3 make it easier for users to navigate the site on their smart phones? Also does it help websites with products seem more available from phones?

    • You can add CSS3 on top of your site if it’s coded in HTML. If you’re unsure how to do this, I’d recommend getting in touch with a professional web developer to help you out!

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