Credibility – The Building Block of Reputation Marketing!


Reputation MarketingPeople work harder than ever to earn money while dealing with ever-increasing prices and inflation. Many now think twice about spending before simply handing over the plastic or typing in a credit card number. This should be a red flag for all business owners – in order to have a good reputation and be competitive, companies must fulfill all customer needs and most importantly – be credible.

Credibility and Online Business Success

There is more business happening online today than ever before, with millions of companies and entrepreneurs offering products, services, and expertise to internet viewers and seekers of information. Competition in the online market arena is focused on the idea that in a tight economy, shoppers want guarantees or something very close to that before being willing to spend hard-earned money.

What this means is that when an item or service is offered for similar prices by more than one business, a customer is more likely to buy from a business that appears more established, professional and trustworthy because of the way that credibility and good reputation marketing are handled.

Credibility and Reputation – A Relationship

Credibility and trust is established when a business looks and acts in a manner that places customers as a main concern, leaving an impression of being honest and professional. Reputation builds a great deal from credibility.

When a business receives good marks from customers right away, when its presentation, advertising and ability to please customers is noticed, credibility is indeed being found with that company. At the same time, someone else may find a business credible and good to work with; however, if its competitor is credible and has established a good reputation as a result of that credibility, that one may more likely appeal to a customer.

Reputation may equal credibility; however, credibility may not equal reputation. Each business may survive and even do well; the one that will do better is the one with more than credibility. Consider this: a business that has no credibility but has reputation probably has a bad reputation!

Building Credibility and Reputation

Reputation happens when credible sources repeatedly suggest and refer a company or business to others, stating that the company handles its business well – this is one of the main ways to build a good reputation.

Credibility is also built by appealing to customers on a more subjective level, with qualities found with a good business such as: a professional, updated website and online appearance; help and support lines; responsive customer service; and everything else that appeals to customers. When a business fulfills a service and a pleased customer refers someone else, being credible and trustworthy appealed to the first customer and the second is drawn in by that original approval, all of which builds and markets reputation.

Although the terms credibility and reputation are similar, understanding the fine differences of the two is an important way to be sure a company is both credible and has a positive reputation. This all affirms that credibility is indeed the primary building block of successful online reputation marketing efforts!

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