Client Education – The Pathway to a Good Website


seo_in_houstonCustomers sometimes have unrealistic expectations about what a website can do as well as what the person designing it can accomplish. Whether it is expecting undivided attention from the designer or completion in an unrealistic time frame, this problem is often caused by lack of knowledge about what it takes to achieve a good website. This disparity of comprehension between a designer and a client can hinder progress if not addressed at the onset of the creation process so that the road to completion for SEO in Houston does not become bumpy and slow moving.


Most clients are totally unaware of what is involved in the creation of a website. The best way to keep a website project focused and headed down the right path is to be sure that every client knows what is involved in the process and understands the relationship between a designer and a client. Of course, every client is different, so what works for one may not work for another. Here are some points to consider that can keep the project grounded in facts – not fiction.

  • Set Boundaries – Everyone uses the internet so there is certainly a common base for every client and designer to start a project. From that point, what can – and cannot – be done is driven by two primary factors: time and money. Anything can be created on a website – given enough time and enough money to invest in the time it will take. A designer must be specific about what can be accomplished for a certain amount of money – and that everything asked by a client beyond that may add more to the final bill. A designer is a professional whose knowledge comes from years of experience and training; most clients do not have the same amount of expertise and should rely upon the designer when suggestions are made. Establishing boundaries at the beginning will help avoid many problems during the completion of the project.
  • Demonstrate Expertise – It is important for successful SEO in Houston to walk clients through each major decision and if there is nonacceptance or questions about such information, a designer should be prepared to offer logical reasoning to support such decisions. Showing examples of websites that have been successfully created are certainly excellent ways to show experience and expertise.
  • Set Realistic Deadlines – Both sides have their own time tables in mind and reaching a middle ground is certainly achievable. Time frames rely upon no unexpected design problems as well as timely submission of content for the website from the client. Project milestones should be established at the beginning and any delays clearly pointed out by both client and designer. Not receiving content from clients as requested is one of the biggest delays of website completion. Clients need to understand that content cannot be created by the designer, certainly not without expecting to pay additional for that service. If there is a special reason for a particular launch date, that should be expressed at the beginning so there are no misunderstandings.


Client and designer communication is essential – without it, a good project could be destroyed. Clients must learn that design desires must be as explicit as possible – ‘edgy’ is not a real good design term. Communication requires understanding on both sides of the conversation, so the designer should always repeat what the client requests and should put it all in writing so that any misunderstandings can be dealt with right away. Feedback is always good for a designer; however, that does not give a client total freedom to micromanage a design and question every aspect that is produced. After all, the designer is the expert in website design. Listening well and speaking clearly on both sides of this website design coin will go a long ways.

Web designers have a responsibility to educate clients about the best ways to create a high quality website. On the other hand, clients have a responsibility to listen to what is being said and question anything that does not appear clear or logical. With effort on both sides, the pathway to an outstanding website can be smooth and easy-going and lead to just what the client wanted to achieve in a website!

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