Can You Handle Google Rule Changes?


Austin_TX_SEOIt seems to be a repetitive cycle how new ways are found to get around Google’s search algorithms, to which Google responds with more new algorithms – all with the intent of getting relevant search results to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). With the push for Austin Tx SEO to attract viewers to a website, it is tempting to have a website created for the sole purpose of getting people to visit it whether it offers valuable information or not. As long as a practice such as this continues, there will always be newer and better ways to combat this introduced by Google, making exceptional SEO more critical than ever.


The biggest issue with Google’s rule changes and adjusted search algorithms is that every time modifications are made, it changes the way SEO is interpreted. This sends web designers back to the SEO drawing board to figure out what has changed, how it affects a website, and how to get around the latest change. It seems as though Google is purposely trying to make search engine ranking more difficult and in a way, they are; however, this is directed only toward certain websites that are littering search results with junk and spam in the name of financial gain.

More Reasons

There are two sides to every story. As Google continues to tighten their reins on what the search engines consider as content and what is penalized as spam, there has been damage in page ranking to some legitimate internet pages. Even though the intent is to help honest websites gain a foothold against those striving to reach the top no matter how it is achieved, there will be the occasional inadvertent victims. So attempts will always be made to find another way to get around the new rules – and around it goes.

For any Austin Tx SEO just looking for a legitimate way to hold onto rankings, it is important to follow the new thoughts on SEO and incorporate any changes, making sure that a website is designed to be SEO compliant.


Google is holding onto their secrets, forcing SEO specialists to attempt to find any answers on their own. They have even stated that attempting to figure out the unique algorithms to find ways around them is a waste of time, because they are changing – constantly. Good point, Google.

What this means is that the main way to handle such rules changes is to constantly keep up a good quality website. Internet pages need to incorporate: unique content that reads well with good keyword usage; organically-generated backlinks from other high quality websites; and other means of SEO generation that happens naturally. Sooner or later, any methods that are less than honest are being uncovered. For the best Austin Tx SEO, be sure to offer an interesting website with content that is worth reading; then follow Google’s guidelines and suggestions and changes will be of no big concern!

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  1. Is it possible if penalized by google to get your page rank back? and if so how how quickly can it be achieved or how difficult?

    • It’s possible, but it will take work depending how hard you were hit. It may take up to 6 months, sometimes longer. If you follow the new rules and change or remove any bad links or content, and add new Google-friendly content, then slowly your rank should get better. It will probably take some time so don’t give up!

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