Can You Explain Website User Experience To Me?


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The purpose of a user-friendly web design is to provide users with a way to navigate a website to accomplish their goals. As simple as this may seem, for a visitor to be able to do what they need to on a site it requires extensive pre-planning by web designers who build a site to perform the way it has to for each specific audience.

Although the end result will be different for every site, web design services must consider the building blocks that create a great user experience or UX. When these elements come together, they provide users with a tool that is effective, efficient, and functions properly for their needs.

Main Elements That Generate User Experience

Every web design begins with an idea that is developed to become functional for use by an audience. Web designers consider 5 main elements when building a website to ensure they are incorporating the right user experience into the site:

  1. Strategy – This is an explanation of what a website needs to do, who its users are, and how it must accomplish goals to serve an audience. Strategy planning is the basis of everything else and must outline all objectives so they can be built into the site.  
  2. Scope – This aspect includes the features and functions that web design services must build into a site; it is determined by the website strategy.
  3. Structure – This is the way features work together on the website to provide users with the function they need. Structure is the organization of the scope of the site.  
  4. Layout – The physical arrangement of all the functional elements that create the structure of the site is know as the layout. Effective web design layout allows easy use of the structural elements.
  5. Visual Design – Once all other elements have been planned, web designers bring everything together with an appealing design that facilitates the use of the layout and the features presented for the user.

Building Block Elements Create Great UX

The 5 elements that come together as the physical structure of every website provide much more than just site navigation and certain essential functions. These elements must be planned by web design services to achieve the site owner’s task-oriented goals and serve the information-oriented goals of the user.

User needs and site objectives must be approached collectively when deciding on the strategy of the site, what users want and need to do, and the functions that must be present to allow them to do so. So content and site features depend on everything including: the audience the site is designed for; what information they require to accomplish their goals; and the perceived intuitive process required to make the site more user-friendly.

Interface and visual design are the final critical elements that guide and provide users with a site that is easy to use and designed to be used exactly as expected.

There is a considerable amount of strategic planning and functional development done by web design services before the actual coding work on a website ever begins. Yet when properly approached, the end result is a successful web design that is visually attractive and functional for user’s needs, intuitive, and easy to navigate. When web designers develop your site to provide a great UX, the end result is a website that accomplishes your business goals successfully!

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