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SEO_in_HoustonLocal business owners can easily be overwhelmed with information when trying to make best use of the internet as a marketing tool. Most resources on this matter focus on using the web as a means of global exposure, neglecting the fact that many companies operate exclusively on a local scale and have nothing to gain from promoting themselves worldwide. For example, Houston-based companies should consider enlisting the services of experts on SEO in Houston instead of turning to a global agency. Hiring these local professionals can also be very beneficial in achieving a better page ranking.


The proper use of keywords is a central point of successful SEO, which also applies to local businesses. One major strategic difference from a global promotion is using the name of the location in keyword phrases. Depending upon the size of the business, the city, county, or state should be incorporated in an appropriate manner into the meta tags, page headers and website content to ensure that relevant search queries are able to locate the page.

This means, for example, that a Houston-based computer repair service should include a phrase such as “computer repairs Houston” in strategic locations on the landing or product page to boost rankings. The location name should also be prominently featured throughout the content so visitors know that what has been searched for has been found.


Keywords should also be implemented into the anchor text of backlinks which will boost the rankings significantly if the location name is featured in the link. This will tell search engines that visitors are specifically searching for service providers in a certain location. Another way of attracting visitors from the same area is by registering in local directories and search engines.

Using the previous example, a company hoping to improve SEO in Houston could register its website in Houston-specific business directories and search engines, such as CheckHouston. Crawlers from major engines visit such sites regularly to collect links. Big directories, such as the Yellow Pages, are the first reference point when looking for a particular service and should be utilized accordingly.

Local Campaigns

Local companies should use an advertising budget to run locally-targeted campaigns. Such an action would require placing banner ads in online and offline publications and making use of services such as Google Places to boost a site’s ranking results in the same area. Participating in social networking, such as blogging, contributing to forums, trading links and creating news feeds, will also help establish credibility. If the company is liked, positive feedback will spread to friends, providing free advertising. Allow for feedback builds trust between a client and a service provider.

Any local company should focus promotional efforts in this fashion. By incorporating the name of a location into keywords on a website and in backlinks can establish a business in the search results for users based in the same area. The effect can be further enhanced by entering the website in local registries and by using location-centered services of major search engines. By focusing advertising campaigns a local location and using social media to improve community credibility, companies can greatly improve SEO in Houston!

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  1. So instead of having a generic keyword, would it be a good idea to change it the keyword, and my town? Will that help get traffic to my site?

    • The more broad a keyword is, the harder it is to get ranked. If you have a keyword and your city or other localized area, chances of you getting ranked are higher. Think of cars, the word “cars” gets thousands of searches, so if you own a car shop, you don’t want that keyword, but “cars in x town” will get you ranked for your area!

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