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Reputation MarketingHaving a good reputation has always been an important part of working with the public. Even as early as the medieval days, the act of reputation marketing and damage control was used as a way to promote well-known names to keep them trusted by the people, both in politics and in commerce as well.

Thousands of years later, not much has changed in regard to upholding a good reputation with the people who matter the most to any business – customers. An idea that has lasted throughout the centuries, having a plan for reputation management is something that every company needs to think about to gain the support and approval of loyal customers who come seeking fair treatment and a great buyer experience. By earning the public’s approval, companies will gain the very important benefit of positive word of mouth support.

 Online vs. Offline Business

Because of how business has changed with the progression of global internet marketing, maintaining a good reputation is more important than ever. Companies rely on customers to trust them, sight unseen in most cases, which will happen only if a company appears dependable. There is no longer a face-to-face interaction between many businesses and their customers, which is not always preferable to some clients.

Through various methods of reputation marketing, it is possible for businesses to be viewed favorably – and nothing compares to the credibility gained from pleased customers. Understanding this importance, companies should do everything possible to promote and maintain active relationships with customers online, both to spearhead any problems and to create as much positive buzz as possible.

 Marketing a Positive Reputation

There are many different ways in which businesses can build a positive reputation that instills credibility with the public and encourages talk about a company or its products. Creating positive customer interest does take active and careful management of a company’s brand and publicity, but a resulting word-of-mouth campaign can help propel a business to higher sales.

  • Social Media – Social media is extremely important for businesses; it keeps a company in contact with customers and creates ongoing, positive relationships. By posting engaging content, encouraging participation, and being available to interact, it is possible to build interest and trust.
  • Websites and Blogs – Websites must be professional, attractive, and useful, fulfilling customer needs for desired information and easy access to a company. They must offer positive user experiences that will encourage return visits and increase the chance of conversions and referrals. Such important business tools should also incorporate the best SEO tactics to help search rankings, post articles and blogs for more to see, increase click-in rates, and be credible about filling customer needs.
  • Online Identity – Creating brand recognition and identity is essential to build customer trust and a positive reputation, as experiences are associated with a well represented brand. Everywhere a brand name can be found, it is possible to connect with a company through phone numbers, links to the website, social media share buttons, and more. When it is easy for users to find a business increases the chances that they will then become customers ready to share positive comments afterward.
  • Online Opinions – Keeping track of reviews, comments, and complaints is critical. Businesses should post positive comments as testimonials, remedy any negative comments if possible, and use other means of reputation management if necessary. Demonstrating that a company is willing to be fair when dealing with a dissatisfied customer can minimize the negative effect of a bad comment.

Managing a positive internet presence is a time-consuming task for most businesses; however, it is an essential one. Only through a proactive marketing plan and building brand credibility is it possible for a company to gain that extra, desired push of happy customers going out of their way to share that experience!

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