Beware of the Web Design Project Scope Creeper!


Texas Website DesignerBuilding an efficient and functional website requites a lot of information; however, all that knowledge is meaningless if there is not a clear avenue established between Texas website designer and client. It is important to mutually focus on clearly understanding what goals the website should achieve on the part of the client and how such goals can be achieved by the designer.

A problem that often arises in the web building process revolves around that clear understanding – when a client feels free to continually add to the original plan or change the original design, preventing any real progress from happening. Coming up with a project scope that is agreeable to both parties is a good way to avoid that problem, saving both time and money over the length of the project.

Defining Project Scope

In simplest terms, project scope is a detailing of the process itself that includes client expectations, designer plans to meet such expectations, agreed-upon processes, site inclusions, delivery date, and any other details that completely describe the project.

A well-written scope should define a website’s purpose, goals, and audience, all of which must be included by a Texas website designer into the finished product. It must include details such as: budget allowed for the project, time frame for completion, total number of anticipated pages, how the content will be supplied, and whether the website will be done in responsive web design to make it viewable on all mobile devices.

Essentially, a good project scope is a contract written like a road map of the website’s construction, a timetable with all necessary information included at specific points in the process. All questions should be answered and all decisions listed to allow the design work to move forward, avoiding situations where the Texas web designer is left to provide whatever the client wants.

The final step in developing project scope is client review and signature, signifying an agreement on the process with no unclear areas. A good project scope should leave a client satisfied of getting what is wanted and the designer satisfied of knowing exactly what is wanted with few changes anticipated to slow down the project.

Keeping on Track with Project Scope

No designer wants to make client decisions without prior discussion, which is certainly a valid reason for a project scope. It also keeps a client’s cost within defined limits, avoiding the dreaded ‘scope creep’ that is otherwise possible.

Scope creep is what happens when the plan that has been drawn up does not cover all questions and details, leaving many clients demanding details that were never part of the original plan discussions. A good project scope details what happens if the client wants work done that is outside the scope of the original project – if it can be included and how much additional cost will be charged to the project. Without this, work and time is added to the project that can certainly create client and Texas website designer tension.

The good news is that samples and free fill-in contracts are available online to create a project scope to manage workload and timetable. By asking the right questions, project scope creep can be covered to avoid frustration on the part of the Texas website designer and disappointment on the part of the client. Take the time to set up a complete project scope – and avoid the dreaded and sometimes deadly project scope creeper!

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  1. Chris, I know just what you mean…I have had clients that have just tested my normal patience to the limit with additions and corrections – and heaven forbid you ask for more payment to do all of that! Guess I have to learn to be more selection in which clients I take on – hang in there bro’!!!!

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