Best Ways To Incorporate Security Into A Website Design!



Website security is more important today than ever before. With new digital threats popping up every day, keeping user data secure on any website is something all site owners must take seriously to protect themselves and their users. To keep up with the latest ideas in secure web design, it is best to hire a good web design company that knows the various ways to keep a website safe. Consider the following tips and discuss them with the web design company of choice in order to have the safest website possible.

Use the Right Content Management System and Hosting

Content management systems (CMS) are a common answer for building a website or blog today, with platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla being extremely popular due to their ease of use. When using these type of content management systems, it is important to make sure the system is secure so that outside threats don’t breach website security. On the downside, sites on WordPress or other systems could be targets because there are so many web pages that make them a desirable target for hackers. On the upside, these content management systems are also well maintained, rigorously tested for security, and continuously patched when problems are discovered. For the best results, stick with a CMS that is well-operated, constantly monitored, and updated when deciding to use one of these sites to host a web design project.

Website owners should also be cautious about their web hosting. Dedicated hosting from host sites that take extra measures to keep their servers secure is essential. The use of firewalls and antivirus software is recommended to prevent users from accidentally uploading a virus onto their website. Frequently updating cPanel and regularly updating database files also aids in website security.

Include Strong Password Protection

Password protection technology is changing as fast as the threats that continually challenge passwords. Therefore, it is important to keep this technology up to date. Every website that requires a login and stores user information should have the latest password protection; users, including administrators, should be encouraged to change their passwords frequently. When working with any web design company, discuss the different types of password protection; then implement the one that offers the best protection based on the site and the type of information being stored.

Use Caution When Installing Updates and Plugins

Regardless of which CMS or other application is used, always exercise extreme caution when installing software updates or plugins that could contain malicious programs. It is best to use only those plugins recommended or endorsed by the CMS or limited usage to known software makers with good reputations for keeping plugins secure and well-updated. Always keep in mind that every additional plugin is just one more potential group of code that can be breached by hackers. So when creating a web design, always use add-ons that accomplish the most in one product and are routinely updated to remain secure.

There are many different ways that website security can be addressed; however, it is always necessary to start from the bottom. A good web design company will understand that a secure website begins with secure hosting and a secure CMS. They will limit external software add-ons that need management and include advanced password protection. Website owners who are seeking the most secure web design should work with experienced design and web building experts who can ensure the strongest security possible, keeping users and site owners safe from today’s many digital threats!

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