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Ranking competitively on the SERP’s is a time-consuming job. In most cases, it requires back linking and article marketing to rise up organically in the rankings. When optimization efforts don’t go as planned, there may just be a minor glitch that is preventing the page from ranking and all that is needed is a little bit of tweaking. Here are some tips that could help with Houston search engine optimization efforts.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are HTML codes such as the meta-title, meta-description and the meta-keyword tag. In the early days of the internet, search engines relied on them to determine the content and relevance of a particular web page; however, their importance and significance has gradually declined although they should not be completely ignored.

Proper meta-tagging must still be implemented on individual website pages. Like other web elements that must contain keywords, the meta-tags of a page must also include the keyword that best describes the content of the page. It is important to keep the tag related to the theme of the site and the content offered.

Duplicate Content

Houston search engine optimization experts advise that having similar content on the internet is a big no-no, which is why copying someones content is prohibited. The search engines will know if duplicate content exists elsewhere and will not give credit to the website copying such content. In the same way, having duplicate content internally or within a website is not a good idea.

The search engines will know if duplicate content exists internally and regardless if the duplication was an error or an attempt to get both locations indexed and ranked, it will hurt a page’s and even the entire website’s standing in the search engine rankings.

Dead Links

Dead links are hyperlinks that go nowhere. When a visitor clicks on a link, typically a 404 Page error comes onto the screen rather than the intended page, which will lead to a high bounce rate. As a rule of thumb, check a website regularly for dead links internally and externally. Internal links would be those located within a site that leads to other pages within the site and external link refer to those that are located on other websites for whatever purpose. Be sure dead links are corrected to the intended destination as soon as possible.

Duplicate Domain

Another possible culprit to unproductive SEO effort is duplicate domains. If a website is available with a www prefix as well as without the www prefix, the search engines see two versions of the website. To solve this problem, be sure that the address without the www prefix is redirected to the one with it as there are many web users who doesn’t use the www prefix when an address in the search browser inquiry.

In summary, when optimization efforts seem unproductive after being implemented for a reasonable time, don’t overlook minor details within the website. Minor glitches such as these could make it twice as challenging to rank competitively on the search engines which will certainly not lead to great SEO results!

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