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Search engine page rankings classify the popularity of a site by placing it in SEO_in_Houstonan appropriate position in search results. The major engines achieve this by employing an algorithm that takes several different aspects of each web page into account. Experts with SEO in Houston specialize in optimizing website content to meet the standards dictated by these algorithms; however, appropriate keyword implementation is only one step in boosting rankings. Pages also rank higher when more popular with visitors and one central strategy to establishing popularity is the use of backlinks.


Backlinks are connections that direct viewers to another location hosted on another website, blog, or social media network. In order to avoid exploitation by multiple pages being interconnected by the same website, search engines try to verify the genuineness of all backlink providers when determining page rankings. This also involves weeding out so-called “link exchange” programs, where connections are traded between sites for the purpose of fooling search algorithms.

Websites that engage in such exchanges run the risk of being banned from search engines altogether. So it is important to build connections with legitimate and trusted websites.


If unsure about how to begin to build backlinks, there are many free options for new internet sites and pages. One popular method of improving SEO in Houston keyword strategies is to register landing pages and websites with an online directory like Yahoo or DMOZ. These indexes list pages by categories and subcategories, allowing users to find connections by narrowing down search criteria.

Registration is generally free and subject to a delay of up to a few months before the connection is categorized. It is great to increase online visibility and will attract attention from both visitors and search engines. They provide a steady base amount of backlinks upon which a website’s connectivity can be expanded.


Posting in forums and blogs is another low-cost way to generate backlinks. It is important to respect community policies and avoid making self-promoting posts unrelated to the discussion at hand or to the subject matter of the website. Some forums forbid the posting of external connections and will edit or delete such posts to remove offending material. In severe cases, the poster may be banned.

Submitting new entries to article directories is a more sophisticated method of generating inexpensive backlinks, although it does require more work. The extra effort is worth the effort as a well-written article is more likely to persuade users to click the link and will generally rank higher in search results than forum and blog posts.

The algorithm by which search engines determine a site’s popularity is partly based on how many other credible websites connect to it. There are numerous, inexpensive ways to generate these backlinks, including registry with web directories that allow search engines to categorize pages and sites more easily as well as by creating new web content such as blog and forum posts and entries in article directories. Professional providers of SEO in Houston recommend making full use of these low-cost solutions before paying for any other forms of advertising!

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  1. Is posting the same thing as article marketing? I’ve heard of that but never used it. Is it a good idea if I want to get my site ranked higher?

    • Yes they are the same thing. Article marketing generally takes a little bit longer, but if you have the time and resources then it would be a good idea to do! If not then consider hiring an SEO firm to do this for you!

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