Avoid Bad SEO Neighbors!


Houston_Web_DesignersThere are instances when effort is exerted to provide fresh and quality content with the right amount of keyword density and a web page is still not ranked very high in search engine results. This can even be true when proper optimization has been used and the “sandbox effect” no longer applies. An often unknown source of this problem is a bad SEO neighbor. Most Houston web designers know about the ill-effects of this particular problem when working to achieve good ranking for clients. So studying these helpful tips and getting to the root of the problem can surely help everyone’s SEO efforts.

Problem Identification

Typically, the problem is with websites that have been banned by search engines because of illegal practices, having attempted to elevate search engine ranking results by using unethical techniques which may have included hidden links, hidden text, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, machine-generated pages, or content duplication.

Google website ranking philosophy seems to include: “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” So even a good page linked to a bad one will likely be treated as a violator. This is the reason why it is so important to know where links are going to as well as coming from and to say “no” to those perceived as offenders. Learning who they are can be determined by checking to see if the possibly offending link is searchable. Type the URL into the search bar of Google. If no results are displayed for that particular URL, it is a fairly good indication that the site has been banned or blacklisted.

Remember that these bad SEO neighbors tend to practice the illegal techniques referenced above. Trying to check on each individual neighbor is difficult since there are so many; however, following the simple test of searching to see if a URL is working is well worth the effort. Although such blacklisted offenders are constantly changing, such deceitfulness is still fairly easy to notice, which could include spamming, propagating pornography and viruses, or simply engaging in fraudulent activities.

Link Choices

The fact is that links are one of the biggest factors for high ranking on Google’s search engine; therefore, it is important to be careful and discerning with links on a company’s website.

Remember, it is much better to be the recipient of natural inbound links. The numbers of outbound links should be lower than inbound and the outbound ones should never be directed to bad SEO neighbors. A website is responsible for any links to such bad neighbors that could lead to being banned on result pages. Employing the services of Houston web designers who will be sure to not allow any links to suspicious websites is always a great strategy.

By identifying bad SEO neighbors and choosing outbound links wisely, a website can remain acceptable in Google’s eyes. Of course, it is also helpful to work with reputable Houston web designers who can ensure that SEO is being done according to the guidelines by avoiding bad SEO neighbors!

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