What to Avoid in Achieving the Best Web Page Design!


best web page designEither working with a web designer or designing the website yourself, there is always the possibility of committing some misjudgment or errors on the design. Such flaws can be easily undone in the design phase; however, making corrections after the website had been launched is a task that is both time time-consuming and costly. Here are some common mistakes that could get in the way of getting the best web page design and should be avoided.

  1. Overcrowding the page – Content is an important part of a website; it is what keeps visitors busy and interested while on the website. It is also what gives the website value with the search engines. Although having lots of content is a good thing for the best web page design, poor organization of the content can lead to poor website usability.

One of the bad practices some web designers employ is placing more than one piece of content or topic on a single page. Placing several topics on a single page can easily confuse readers. When organizing content such as articles or blogs, have a single page dedicated for each and every article.

  1. Lack of Content – By now, you should already know the importance of content. While overstuffing a page with content is a bad practice, doing the exact opposite is definitely worse. Not only will you be poorly ranked in the search engines, your site will be basically useless to anyone who sees it and you will definitely not have the best web page design that you could!
  2. Using images as textAn Image is essential to web design and is very effective in visually enhancing the site. Although an image is a useful add-on to build the site’s aesthetics, it is also prone to misuse. One way is by substituting text with images.

Using images instead of text can ruin the web design in many ways. Using poor quality images will appear pixilated on the browser. It’s also a bad for SEO because search engines can’t recognize text images.

  1. Poor readability Poor readability is a common web design problem that will prevent you from having the best web page design that you could. It is usually caused by factors such as small font size, nonstandard font style, and poor contrast between the text and the background.

There’s no standard font size for web design. Something to remember when choosing a font size is to choose one that is comfortable to read and won’t cause eye strain.

Along with choosing the right font size, pick a standard font style. Avoid using fancy styles that require extra effort to read especially on lengthy articles. Some of the safe text styles are Arial, Verdana and Georgia.

A rule of thumb when working with texts is to use dark colored text on a light background or vice versa. The best example is black text on a white background.

  1. Using too much colorColor gives life to the website, and is one way to brand a website as well. A common mistake designer’s commit other than bad choice of color is to use too many colors. If you are aiming for the best web page design, never go beyond using three colors in the design.
  2. Auto-play effects and soundAlthough some people may find these effects pleasing, others might not. If incorporating effects such as flash and music on your quest for the best wage page design, always give the visitor an option to skip it or to turn it off.
  3. Image backgroundAvoid using an image as background. Doing so will make your website look very amateur or poorly made. Using a single colored background is a far better approach than resorting to images.
  4. Slow loading pageA major detrimental factor despite having the best web page design on the website is slow loading speed. Such problems arise when the size of the data is too large or the server doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth. One reason that causes data size to balloon is large files such as images. If that is the case, reduce the file size by getting rid of any unnecessary images and graphics or compress the file to reduce its size before adding it to the design. The latter can be dealt with by transferring to a hosting service that provides generous bandwidth.

Hopefully the above items will help you with the design of your website, whether you are doing it yourself or paying someone to do it for you. Following the above tips should put you on your way to the best web page design you can get!


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  1. Hello, you say ” Lack of content” I know my HTML site is lack of content although im selling my services of tutoring. Do i need content on my very first page, or can i create a second page with some educational content. im not sure if this will work, but you make a lot of sense

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