Article Marketing Is a Simple Website Tool!


Austin_TX_SEOOn the internet, content is always the most important component of a successful website. That being said, it is important to realize that making a website successful is impossible without article marketing. Thankfully, search engine optimization or SEO strategy, such as that done by an Austin TX SEO company, is also very easy to implement.


Article marketing is an SEO strategy that makes use of unique and informative content in connection with article directories. Original content must first be written after which it can be submitted to various article directories for posting on their website. Then any viewer is able to copy that article, along with proper origination information, and post it on their website, social outlet, etc.

At the bottom of the page of the directory is an area called the “bio-box.” This space is specifically for listing an author’s background, qualifications, etc. Most importantly, it is also where an author can post a link back to another website. Those links are what makes article marketing so lucrative to an SEO effort as a reader of that article linking via the bio-box is generating traffic to that site and increasing its credibility to search engines.

Although this will not bring hundreds of visitors to a web site or page overnight, it is a great way to jump start search engine optimization on a new website. Once a search engine sees visits to that site, it will index and include it on search engine results. When a page climbs in the rankings, and visitors see it in the top ten results, more traffic will begin to flow that way, again increasing credibility for that website.


There are several ways to accelerate an article marketing effort, particularly by using an expert Austin TX SEO company. Following are some other ways to achieve such a goal.

  • Unique Content – One important requirement for content to be submitted to a directory is that it must be unique. Before being posted, articles are screened to avoid duplicate content being posted. In addition, readers who have already read the same material don’t want to read it again and will not click on the link, effectively defeating the purpose of article marketing.
  • Reliable Information – The internet already provides a wealth of information and most people rely on it to be believable and credible. Readers click the link in an author’s bio because of the content; if it is not credible, a reader will off and go to a more original article.
  • Keywords – Keywords are also used during article marketing by inserting them where related to the topic in the article. It is important to be sure that the number of keywords does not exceed a directory’s requirements or the entire composition might never be posted.
  • Compelling Bio – The bio-box is essentially a major selling point of the entire article and author, so it is important it be compelling enough for readers to click for more information. Use call-to-action phrases like “learn more about…,” or “visit … for more information,” in order to direct readers back to the website to gain traffic. Of course, encourage readers once they get to a website by providing additional information instead of merely offering the same information found in the directory.

In summary, article marketing is a great way to jump start an Austin TX SEO effort. It is a very effective yet simple method to attract a constant stream of traffic to a website as long as these basic guidelines are followed!

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