Are You Aware Of Web Design Guidelines?


Houston_Web_DesignIn the era of information technology, web design is very crucial as it is the process of connecting users such technology to allow for the gathering of information and various data for individual objectives. Houston web design is based upon certain website guidelines that should be closely followed, a design strategy that states that all elements should be eye-catching, enticing, highly-functional, intuitive, interesting, and appealing to visitors. The entire process is important for online success because a great layout can bring maximum traffic, sales leads, and conversions. More traffic to a website will bring in more leads, more conversions, and hopefully more sales.

To achieve great web design, the following guidelines should be following to achieve internet sales success.

  • Relevant Content – An important guideline of Houston web design that must be followed is to produce content that can provide information while at the same time educate, entice and convince prospective buyers to remain and take advantage of displayed offerings. Grammar, spelling and punctuation must be correct to develop a good reputation and credibility. Producing relevant information will help visitors choose and decide on interesting products that match needs.
  • Browser Compatibility – A website must be able to work in every browser for a seamless user experience so cross-browser compatibility is an essential factor when planning a website design.
  • Appropriate Graphics and Photos – Images, info-graphics and photos can undeniably attract viewers and encourage remaining on the website for further browsing. Using such elements appropriately provide visual relief, searchability, and valuable information that can substantially build up online traffic.
  • Good Color and Typography – it makes sense that online searchers generally are visual learners who can easily grasp information with the right typeface and color scheme. Choose suitable typeface, fonts as well as headlines, subheadings, links, captions, and text color. Color and typography can affect buying decisions and effectively convey branding and site personality.
  • Streaming Media – To make a website more interesting, streaming media can be used to provide information to searchers. Sound graphics, video clips and animation can be integrated to supply a distinctive and stylish elegance. It is imperative to consider download speed and be sure any streaming media does not slow down loading speed and annoy visitors.
  • Intuitive Navigation – Another important aspect to consider is having simple and user-friendly navigation as this has a strong impact on online success. Users landing on a website take maybe 2 or 3 seconds to decide whether or not to stay and see what a company has to offer – or leave the website. Keep navigation simple, uniform, consistent, and intuitive.
  • Flexible – Be sure that the design is flexible, responsive and adaptive to different screen sizes and resolution to deliver superior user experience.

The internet has become a tool for billions of people around the world. Micro- and macro-companies rely on this technology for the sale of products or services that can lead to successful business growth, an affordable marketing and global product promotion. Website development must provide design that has: unique, fresh and relevant content; compatibility with all browsers; graphics and images that trigger a good response; the right colors and typography; an intuitive navigation system; and a flexible layout to adapt to different screen sizes. This is what the guidelines are all about, awareness regarding the production of a powerful, emotion-provoking, and decision-generating design!

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  1. Great article! I’ve trying to come up with a new lay out for my new site and am stuck on trying to get the right media. Do I take pictures myself or pay somebody?

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