A Newbie Client’s Guide To Choosing Jaw-Dropping Web Design!


Just starting up a new business? Great!

Looking to have a jaw-dropping website for it? Of course!

Well, did you know that the web design you choose for your business website will say a lot about your company and how well you understand the audience who will use your site?

Actually choosing the right design for your site can be quite daunting because there are a lot of details that go into developing an effective site for an individual business since every business has different needs.

While the best recommendation is always to work with a professional web design company that knows how to build a site that will work best for your business, you should still understand the basics involved in choosing a suitable web design.

You’ll be better able to agree on wants and needs working with your chosen web design service by considering three basic yet essential elements that dictate most business website design.

1. Content Width

There are two types of web designs you can choose for your website: a full-page width with a responsive layout or a fixed and boxed width layout:

  • Full-Page Width – As the name suggests, your website spans the entire width of the screen where it’s being viewed. Pages are responsive, allowing the content to shift as necessary to fit the size of the viewing screen.

  • Boxed Width Design – Confines the content within a framed, fixed webpage size that holds page elements in place where they are designed to sit. It is more commonly used for professional-type business websites where consistency in how the design elements appear is important.

While both of these options are currently used by professional web designers, it’s important to note a preference toward the use of responsive, full-page design because of the increasing use of mobile devices for accessing websites.

2. Header Style and Layout

The header on your home page is one of the very important features that web design services will use to create the feel and style of the entire layout.

It’s important to choose a header style that works well for your brand and business type:

  • Static Header Image – A large header image without content, useful for web designs that rely on an attractive image to draw viewers further into the website.

  • Static Header Image With Content – A large header image with text and links overlaid to help users find what they are looking for quickly. This is the most common header design and effective for basic websites.

  • Slideshow Header – Multiple header images that slide to show multiple ideas, features, or points of focus right from the homepage. Typically, each image acts to link elsewhere in the site.

  • Video Background Header – The header image is actually a subtle video with images and text that attract the user and explain the website.

3. Navigation Menu Design

The other critical element that can make or break any website is the navigation menu.

Skilled professional web designers understand that while design aesthetics are extremely important, usability is more so.

Choosing a menu might be one of the hardest choices to make as there are so many types to choose from, including horizontal menu bars across the top or the bottom of the page, sidebars, drop-down menus, fixed-position or responsive menus, and many more.

Menu design can be extremely simple or highly complex depending on the overall look and feel of the design; however, the critical goal regardless of the type chosen is that it can be used effectively.

Three Basic Elements For Effective Web Design

Although web design can seem complicated from a website owner’s point of view, there are only three important decisions to make to get started on the right foot: content width, header style, and menu design.

If you work with an experienced web design service that can help you understand how different options will work for or against your site’s ability to achieve your business goals, you’ll be able to choose a site that pleases you in many ways!

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