Your Online Reputation – Is It Good, Bad or Nonexistent?


Reputation MarketingTo compete in the global internet marketplace, a company must be the best in their niche market and have a good online reputation. With so many different ways to build reputation, how can you know what or even if your company has a reputation? It is a lot easier to determine a company’s trustworthiness than ever before thanks to Google’s search algorithm efforts – understanding that is vital in regards to managing reputation marketing.

Determine Your Current Online Reputation

Until recently, judging online presence was challenging; there was not a definite way to gauge reputation or know how it was built. Businesses rely on marketing efforts and those results including customer reviews, feedback and social shares. The end result of increasing or decreasing traffic and conversions has been the gauge as to whether or not there was a positive or negative reputation. Fortunately, the process is now much simpler.

In an effort to level the playing field so that businesses are similarly rated, Google now includes a reputation marketing score for each website/name in its search results. This information is very useful to those who understand what such results mean and can interpret them. Added to how most SERPs display browser directory listings of company ratings to be viewed by the public, the time has come to get serious about online reputation and how to manipulate it positively.

Develop Good Notoriety

Reputation exists in four different categories, two more than the obvious ‘good’ and ‘bad’ commonly recognized. It is essential to know that there are other two important classifications not so widely known: none and 5-Star.

  • No Reputation – Having no reputation is as bad as having a negative one. No customer reviews can prevent a company from establishing trust which is a primary way to attract new customers. Lack of trust and authority can be fixed by seeking customer reviews via easy ways for customers to provide a rating. When no reviews changes to positive reviews, trust increases as does the amount of reviews. This is the time to attract more positive feedback as it is easier to build a good reputation than it correct a bad one.
  • 5-Star – A “5 Star Reputation” is exactly what it sounds like – the best of the best – what every business should seek to earn. This does not happen on its own; there are reputation marketing strategies involved that enable companies to benefit from the positive way they are being seen.

Becoming A 5-Star Rated Business

With Google’s current way to record and display reputation, businesses achieving a 5-Star rating are those who gain the consumer’s trust and see their reputation score rise by earning ten 5-star reviews on Google’s business directory, hopefully showing that a company conducts business in a customer-pleasing way.

More positive reviews are better, as gaining 10 top reviews is critical in being considered trustworthy. At that point, after earning 10 great, 5-star ratings, it is time to begin planning a good reputation marketing strategy to attract positive feedback and use it to bring in more customers to provide even more positive feedback.

Building a good reputation marketing plan can be challenging, as it can be difficult to gain reputation and equally challenging to maintain one. It is a part of doing business online that must be realized, because inadvertently ending up with bad ratings and reviews can be damaging to an internet business. To keep within Google’s positive radar, a company must strive to deserve positive attention – and good reputation will follow!

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