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Reputation MarketingReputation marketing and improvement requires time and effort before beginning to see any positive results. Once that is accomplished, the more important task becomes managing the reputation that has been earned. It is all too easy for good companies with well-recognized brands to make face mistakes that could damage that good name and credibility, resulting in a weakened reputation and loss of business. To avoid this, it is important to come up with a good management plan that both promotes a good name and provides any damage control before small instances can turn into significant problems.


The first part of reputation marketing is gaining visibility. Positive results can be gained just by including name, logo, and other recognizable symbols in prominent places on websites and social profiles as well as within website content as keywords, title tags and if possible in page URLs.

A company blog is a great way to increase optimization efforts by providing more places where a company can include its name to increase the attention of search engines. It is also a good idea when developing a reputation management plan to diversify where a company name can be used other than its website, such as many of the popular social media sites. Posting frequent press releases, either on a company blog or some other media site, can increase optimization and positive mentions of the company.


Besides increasing instances where visibility can be achieved, it is essential to regularly search the internet to monitor what shows up about the company in search results. The truth is, every business will at one time or another receive a negative comment, rating, or some other unfavorable online posting; uncovering such comments as early as possible is important. Unfavorable comments can indicate if there is a problem somewhere within the company that should be resolved.

Be Ready

Ongoing monitoring is the best way for a company to always be ready to correct any wrongful or slanderous information that is posted on the internet as well as to learn if any current company practices should be improved. Regular searches to find negative online comments allows for any issues to be corrected with the individual who generated the comment, either by making amends or correcting the issue of concern. Time is vital to preventing or correcting reputation damage and a business must be ready to act as quickly as possible.

Be Realistic

There are many variables involved in getting quick results; however, consistent attention can bring a positive outcome. It is unrealistic to expect results overnight, either with search engine results or building a positive online presence. The importance is to have a good marketing plan and stick with it. Being aware of any problems to handle and working on building a positive image will eventually build brand trust and recognition.

Reputation marketing and preserving online brands offers a stable working platform so companies can reap huge benefits by continually monitoring their name and reputation. From a customer’s perspective where trusting a company is based on a website and online presence, having a good reputation is indeed priceless!

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