You Must Lay Claim to Your Google Authorship!


Houston Search Engine OptimizationIn the world of publishing, having a recognizable name is priceless. Readers tend to select books or articles written by an author who has built a great reputation and is viewed as an authority in a specific topic. This is almost doubly important on the internet, as reputation and authority are an important part of Houston search engine optimization. In an environment where recognition means so much yet it is so easy to be plagiarized, having indisputable authorship of personal work is essential. Proving ownership of content uploaded to the internet used to be very difficult; now it is simple and easy to obtain with Google’s free Authorship application.

Understanding And Importance

There is a lot more to authoring a piece of writing or content on the internet than simply posting it with a byline. The truth is, unless there is a way to digitally encrypt a signature to any work, it is otherwise very easy to steal it with a simple copy/paste. This is troublesome to authors whose work is being used on other websites that did not gain prior permission and even worse, it diminishes any website optimization efforts.

Google Authorship – when used in conjunction with a good Google+ profile – allows authors and writers to retain ownership of written content while building an online following. It digitally puts an author’s signature on written material in such a way that wherever that authored content appears, the actual author or creator is credited and no one else. Work can only be claimed once; then no one else can claim it, as Google can detect such an attempt.

Improves SEO

Considering how website SEO works to give the most popular pages highest reader value and page ranking, it is easy to see how authorship can enhance that effect. Authors who start to become recognized get selected by Google and viewed very positively. By authoring all created content, websites grow in popularity as its writers gain recognition; likewise, writers gain more recognition from popular websites and are viewed positively by Google. Once that cycle of cause and effect begins to take place, websites will gain Houston search engine optimization results from hosting an author who is recognized as an authority on certain subjects.

Authored Work Preferred by Google

Besides the typical cause and effect SEO results, Google itself prefers content that is authored because it is positively viewed by Google’s algorithms as important enough to increase a website’s page ranking. Most importantly, it provides a way to identify an author as an actual person to be followed around the web via authored pieces. As an author becomes recognized in a particular niche, Google will reward that website with increased page ranking. Since Google is all about getting bad websites out of the search results and good ones in, authored writing greatly benefits all websites associated with such writers.

The mere fact that Google Authorship provides a desirable way to claim ownership of content and prevent plagiarism should be more than enough to encourage creating a Google+ account and using the app. Since it is likely to improve a website’s Houston search engine optimization effort, it is definitely important that writers and content creators claim their authorship on all written material – always. The faster an author’s name is recognized, the faster both writer and website will reap the increased ranking benefits!

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