You Must Consider End Users When Naming Website Categories!


Good website navigation is an essential part of great website design. The best web design companies in College Station understand that efficient website navigation must have menus created with the user in mind. Categories must be appropriately named to aid in basic website navigation. With carefully named categories, there is little reason for visitors to be unable to get find the exact information that they want.

Best Navigation Category Names

As simple as it may seem, choosing the best category names can be difficult when creativity mixes poorly with clarity. Attempting to follow themes can make category labels vague and unclear as to what viewers will find under each main link. Good web design companies in College Station TX research and consider the following:

  • Avoid Vague Titles – Vagueness has no place in good website navigation. Although vague titles such as “look,” “learn” and “create” might seem appropriate in stylish web design, it leaves searchers questioning the meaning, context, and direction. While “look” can refer to viewing a company’s products and “learn” is information about the business or cause, viewers may think of different meanings for a vague term without definitive information to confirm this.

  • Avoid Made-Up or Overly Personalized Terms – Even if a company’s website includes particularly characteristic or personalized elements, it is still better to avoid using personalized, non-descriptive names or words as category names. Titles that mean something to those familiar with a site may not mean anything to someone who is not so familiar. As a result, viewers may miss something important, or become frustrated because they do not understand a term.

  • Use Descriptive Labels – To avoid the above traps, effective College Station web design companies recommend using words and phrases that leave little question about their meaning. Keep it simple and clear, which doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Most terms will work as long as they are descriptive. “View Products,” “About Us” and “Contact Us” are more understandable than the vague examples above. Clearly understood adjectives or adverbs generally help.

  • Arrange Categories Well – Categories and subcategories should be clearly understandable. Top-level categories should be describe what can be found underneath, with subcategories following the same rules to further guide the viewer.

Getting Category Names Right

There is really only one way to know if the category names chosen for a website are right – testing. Whether names are average or clever, the user dictates whether or not they are easily understood or if changes are needed. The top web design companies do A-B split testing to determine if category labels can be understood – or not. Narrow down potential category names in this fashion and focus on the effective category names that appear to be liked and used.

The best web design companies in College Station Texas advise site owners to put considerable thought into selecting and naming website categories. Success will be achieved when users can confidently choose the right links and find exactly what they wanted – with the best, carefully selected category names!

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