Why You Need Mobile-Friendly – What Clients Need to Hear!


The fact that websites should now be mobile-friendly is obvious after the recent Mobilegeddon threat; however, some businesses continue to resist actually making the changes required to become just that. While it’s true that such a change may require a considerable amount of work for the best web designers when redesigning websites, the benefits strongly outweigh the costs. The best web design company must relay to their clients how much business they could be losing, especially since Google’s latest search engine algorithm release. The best College Station web design for SEO requires businesses to be mobile-ready.

Some Statistics on Mobile Use

When it comes to a local business, they must be mobile-friendly because consumers demand it; mobile phone statistics demand it. With over 5 billion mobile phones owned today, and over 50% of all web traffic generating from them, it is no wonder why companies who are not mobile-friendly are losing out. Three-quarters of all directions are searched on a mobile device – and 61% of all local consumer searches result in a phone call to a business. Mobile coupons are redeemed at 10 times the rate of paper ones, and 91% of mobile users keep their phones with them 24/7. Mobile phones are now preferred for shopping, browsing on the go, banking, making travel arrangements and bookings, and many other uses, with 3 out of 5 total searches now happening online. Companies not creating this type of web design to tap into this market are just not competitive any longer.

Mobile-Friendly Design Is No Longer an Option

If the above sampling of statistics is not evidence enough, Google’s recent upgrade to their search algorithm should be. With its latest search engine advancement, Google has begun to help mobile-friendly websites with higher page ranking when the search is made from a mobile device – which again speak to the above statistics. This basically penalizes any website not deemed mobile-friendly when a user searches from their mobile device. Google now even offers a “mobile-friendly” seal of approval, so that those performing searches can know without even clicking on a site if it has the best web design for ease of use on a mobile device, which is yet one more disadvantage to websites not bearing that approval. The best web designers advise clients that conversion to a mobile-friendly design is no longer an option to stay competitive.

Mobile Design Is A Business’s Best Friend

Mobile-friendly design is now as usable, traceable, and optimizable as any other web design, making it a win-win situation for all businesses. It can be easily integrated with any main desktop website, or used responsively as one website across all platforms. Mobile-ready websites can be easily monitored through standard analytics programs. They are more social, more user-friendly on the go, and allow businesses to be where they need to be when consumers are searching for them. All these reasons, combined with the most important reason of all – Google’s new handling of non-mobile websites – means that without a doubt, businesses need to find the best web design company to create a mobile-ready design to best serve their customers and stay competitive.

The answer is actually very simple. Today’s businesses need mobile websites to engage customers, stay ahead of competition, and continue to thrive. For those that have not yet committed to working with the best web design company on a great mobile website – don’t wait any longer! Great College Station web design depends on mobile-friendly websites created by the best web designers. Any business that does not do this will find themselves left in the virtual dust of their competitors!

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