Why You Must Avoid Login Walls – Or Lose New Visitors!


There are various reasons why website owners want internet users to login to view website content. Some of these reasons can be very important, such as with a social or subscription-only site. Under other circumstances, the best web designers in College Station Texas caution that requiring a visitor to sign up and login could cost a site much needed traffic and customers.

How Login Walls Hurt Websites

A login wall is a website notification that prevents an unregistered user from viewing any content until signing up, opening an account, etc. Retail shops and blogs and opinion sites use them on all the different viewing platforms. Experienced College Station web designers advise that this action can cause many viewers to leave the website rather than sign up for something they were only in the preliminary stages of looking to purchase.

Why Are Login Walls Used?

There are several reasons why a website requires a user to register and login, the main one being to build a mailing list to use for advertising emails. Others believe that users like having their information available when they return to make additional purchases. Higher traffic and the potential for repeat customers may be the ultimate goal; however, web designers in College Station TX have found login walls generally ineffectual.

People are now more discerning about providing even just email information to a websites, let alone any other private information. A website that requires signing up with personal data other than an email address is going to miss a lot of valuation traffic and time on the website viewing products or services. Professional web designers say this may work for a bigger, more well-known company; however, a smaller, unknown business is likely to lose traffic that could otherwise become conversions due to a login requirement.

Available Choices

Developing a mailing list and customer base is essential for business growth; however, it is only useful when people really want to see what is behind “Door #1.” The best web designers suggest forcing a visitor to sign up before seeing a website guarantees a large number of click-offs as soon as the user tries to view the website. Most companies provide users with an option to log in or use the site as a guest – including make purchases. The visitor needs to make that decision; it is by far the best user-friendly choice.

Since the purpose of every website is put content in front of audiences and attract potential customers, using login walls that stops a visitor from at least previewing information is contradictory to those goals. Except for more private websites in social and subscription situations, College Station web designers recommend avoiding a login wall. The better choice is to structure restricted areas with a login and allow unregistered guests to view the basic website first – then decide if they want to sign up!

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