Why We Need Human-Centered Web Design!



Great web design depends on design that is focused on function. This means user-centered design that offers a good user experience; however, it also means “human-centered” design. Many web designers may not understand human-centered design and its importance. In the quest for most effective web design, it is essential that design considers human habits and behavior and a website is created. A good user design will come automatically when a human-centered design is in place.

What Is Human-Centered Web Design?

Human-centered web design is a broader form of design than simply offering a good user experience. It is design that initially asks why a website exists, its purposes and its goals. Then the object is to design in such a way that those purposes are met and human use of the website is satisfied. This is a slightly different approach than relying on user-centered design, where the main objective is to design a website that is functional. Human-centered design becomes functional, yet is accomplished by taking care of all needs to fulfill the website’s purpose to serve its users.

Planning a Human-Centered Website

The start of any human-centered web design project is gaining insight into the targeted website audience. When someone searches for answers to their immediate problem, they need to reach a website that answers their questions with the right information and provides the best way to view that information long before getting to the point of a sale. In this sense, good planning is essential and should be done by using  brainstorming, multiple website concepts and wireframes, and gathering feedback to determine how people access and use websites. Web designers must use this approach to find the best way to first and foremost appeal to the user, while offering viable user solutions.

Putting the Planning to Work

Just as the planning revolves around multiple insight and feedback, so does designing a website and putting it into use. After deciding on the best concept, building the site may seem like a simple idea; however, insight and input does not stop with the concept. The best human-centric designs incorporate testing and feedback throughout the entire process, leaving an end result website that is user-friendly on a technical scale and inviting on a human one.

The point in doing this is that turning a concept into a good, human-centric website that provides user answers requires continued research and insight from other people. This is especially true of targeted audiences, to ensure the design is one that users will both like and be able to use. The human aspect must be considered throughout the design process to ensure the concept is actually going to work the way it was intended. If not, then web designers must also ensure the right changes are made so that it does work the right way.

For any web design to be truly successful, it must work on both technical and human levels. The human level may dictate anything from color scheme to font size or how users get from one page to the next. Talking to those who will actually be using a website is one of the best ways for web designers to get the right human-centric qualities, and avoid just user-centric ones. If the human user is consulted, the proper user function will follow!

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