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So much work is done for an average website to create and rank it in the hopes of attracting visitors and keeping them, at least that is the priority. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out as planned. Traffic is good so that much has been done right; however, if visitors are quick to leave with a high bounce rate, something else is wrong with the website itself. Houston web design professionals suggest the following ideas as a way to analyze problems and determine how to fix such problems.

Are You Reaching the Right Audience?

Part of website optimization is targeting the right audience that will be interested in the information being presented. If anything prevents that from happening, if visitors are attracted who are really looking for something else, some research should be done. The use of analytics applications can show much information: what country visitors come from, their ages, what browser is being used, and many other important demographics.

Is The Website Working Correctly?

It is not unusual for an average company to be unaware if a particular web page is not working ; the only ones who know that are the visitors who can’t find it – this is a problem! No website will produce desired results if visitors cannot reach a product or information page; this is something important that must be closely monitored to succeed. There are applications that can be installed to monitor what users are doing on a web page, including how they got there and what is happening after they arrive. This software is invaluable in finding dead links, hard to locate links, or many other problems.

Is There A Way To Gather Customer Feedback?

Without question, every website must have an easy way for users to make contact, with either email addresses, a feedback submission form, or hopefully both. A Houston web design firm can add a survey to the website that addresses usability and other topics contributing to a user-friendly experience, which is a great idea as well.

Are There Particular Complaints?

Running regular word, name and phrase searches on search engines is a good way to see if users are openly complaining to others online about the website, the company, or any other related issue. The point in doing this is to uncover the issues, make amends if that is appropriate, and then fix the problem so it does not continue.

Have Corrective Measures Helped?

It is back to the drawing board if research has helped uncover a problem that has been resolved. It is then important to test that change to see if it worked. A website can be loaded and monitored to observe if there are improvements in the number of visitors, length of stay, and conversions – but that could take valuable time and money. There is a new tool in the Google Analytics Toolbox for Webmasters that enables the testing of a live web page to quickly interpret whether or not applied edits have made a difference.

To those who are getting decent website traffic – congratulations! If traffic is being turned away by website problems, the priority is to determine what is wrong and fix it before traffic disappears. If a problem is persistent or difficult to pinpoint, it is time to seek a Houston web design expert for help before all traffic disappears and takes with it any potential customers – this is definitely a worst-case scenario!

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