Why Slow Loading Speed Will Shackle Your Ecommerce Website!


In the retail world, having a fast, efficient ecommerce website design is one of the more important tools that every business owner needs to compete.

A slow-moving business web design could be hurting your entire company rather than bringing in sales.

Professional website design services find that one of the more common reasons why retail sites perform poorly is slow loading speeds.

As insignificant as that may seem, it’s important to understand both how and why web pages that load slowly will hurt your business – and how to do something about it.

Website Load Speed Statistics – Put Things In Perspective

Website design services know that time is everything, especially when it comes to an ecommerce website design and the customers who visit it.

Whether it’s in a line at a physical store or online visiting a website, people don’t like to wait and it shows in the statistics:

  • Increased Bounce Rate – 74% of mobile users leave websites if pages don’t load within 5 seconds; over 50% of users have abandoned purchases due to slow page loading; and nearly 40% of users will leave a site if some or all of the images don’t load.

  • Billions in Lost Sales – Research suggests that retailers with slow business web design lose $18 billion annually in abandoned shopping carts, a large percentage of this due to slow page load speeds. A study by Amazon revealed their site would lose $1.6 billion yearly if their pages took just one extra second to load.

  • Bad Publicity – 44% of buyers question whether their transaction completed correctly if the checkout page is slow; 75% won’t return to a site if they experienced slow page loading issues; and 44% of these doubtful and unsatisfied users will tell friends about their poor experience.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Based on the above statistics which are only a small selection of business data collected on the negative effects of slow websites, you are probably losing sales and customers if the loading speed of your ecommerce website design is too slow.

  • You could be losing new customers.
  • Your customer loyalty could decrease based on slow website performance.
  • New and old customers may patronize your competition.

How Can You Get Your Business Web Design Up to Speed?

Since you may not even realize if this may be happening with your business website, the best way to analyze your site’s performance and resolve speed-related issues and other concerns is to partner with an experienced website design service.

They can test your site speed page-by-page and track other details that will reveal which pages are under-performing, why they are under-performing, and then discuss how to correct these problems so your pages and images load quickly and your viewers are happy.

Don’t Let Slow Speeds Shackle Your Ecommerce Website

Your ecommerce website is the go-between that brings customers to you and sells your products so your business can grow and thrive.

When your business web design is heavy and cumbersome with slow loading pages, it’s working against and not for you.

Work with a professional design service to get your site optimized for better, faster performance so users have a great experience and your sales skyrocket!

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