Why Should My Website Include Responsive Logos?


Responsive website design has become a design staple replacing fixed-width and fluid sites with a structure that is more flexible.

Website designers use responsiveness in designs to make sure websites can be used on any platform without loss of visual quality or functionality.

It is also essential that website design services include responsive logos in their designs. As a part of a responsive overall design, responsive logos ensure your brand is recognizable on  all the different devices without the problems that can arise with standard logos and graphics.

What Are Responsive Logos?

Responsive logos are those that adapt like responsive website design according to the viewing screen size. They increase or decrease in size and add or remove certain smaller details so they can be clearly seen on all screens, from smartphones to over-sized desktop monitors.

Developed by website designers as a solution to the notable problems with logo graphics placed in responsive layouts, responsive logos ensure that your brand icon is still recognizable without negatively affecting site design regardless of how large or small it appears on the screen.

Why Are Responsive Logos So Important?

The purpose of a logo is to create brand recognition. Your business logo is an important representation of your company that differentiates your business from the competition and makes you visible to and recognizable by your audience.

Brand recognition is an important part of successful business marketing and an element that can increase sales.

Unless website design services convert your standard logo into a responsive one, you may run into distortion and image quality issues depending on the viewing size of the accessing screen.

Typefaces and small details can disappear on small screens, dramatically changing the look and interpretation of your logo.

When clarity and recognition are affected, the logo is useless in its goal of building brand recognition for your company.

A responsive logo included as an element in responsive website design makes your logo more functional and recognizable as well as your entire website.

How Are Responsive Logos Designed?

The goal of creating a responsive logo is to keep your brand recognizable no matter the size of the viewing screen. To achieve this, website designers can produce various versions of your logo to be displayed on your site according to the various viewing platforms.

Larger versions that contain all details must also have high resolution so they view crisply and cleanly. Smaller versions of a logo might remove smaller text details, leaving only the larger and bolder text or logotype and the associated graphic image or logomark. Even smaller versions might exclude everything other than the logomark.

Website design services may also modify colors, creating a grayscale version of logomark for viewing on certain screens to increase contrast. There are many ways in which designers can modify your logo so it is clear and recognizable on a variety of screen sizes.

In Sum

Your logo is an essential part of your company’s identity and website design. Unless audiences can interpret and recognize it on different screen sizes, you lose the benefit of brand recognition.

Website designers can alleviate this problem by developing a responsive logo to work with your responsive website. Keep your brand recognizable and hire skilled website design services to make a responsive logo for your company!

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