Why Articles Are More Helpful Than Blog Postings


Austin website designProviding frequent, relevant content to a website is one of the best ways to create interest, credibility, and interaction between that website and all viewers. Many websites also have a blog to help meet such a content requirement; however, Austin website design professionals have different recommendations when it comes to blogging as a whole. Articles tend to provide more information, are viewed more positively, and are seen as more of an authority than simple blog postings that often appear too casual to many viewers. This does not mean there is no use for blogs; it just means that actual informative articles that are posted regularly, offering more than opinions, comments, or a quick note are indeed valuable.

Is Blogging Too Casual?

Since its inception, the idea behind blogging has been to offer a more informal way to communicate current happenings and thoughts. So it often occurs that posts for blogs are written that become too casual or attract comments and conversations that are completely off the subject. A company wanting to identify with a more professional image and gain customer credibility must do more than post casual thoughts and comments. Well-written, researched, and informative articles that provide interesting content about a company’s products or services is essential for this reason. Such posts also tend to gather more serious, on-topic comments from users if commenting is allowed.

Users Want Expert Content

Website users are often searching for very specific information in the form of valuable content that will answer important questions. Being able to provide such answers and have a website that is filled with valuable, useful content is a plus for any business and is more likely to please users who will return for similar material. Generally, information is expected to be available directly on the website and not in a blog format; however, if skillfully done with good navigation to important posts, a blog format is not always considered a lesser platform to post information. In either case, the main point that Austin website design experts recommend considering is that users who are looking for information want more than short postings and subjective opinions. Meeting viewer needs with detailed, researched content should be every company’s website goal.

Premium Content Adds Value

Since blog posting tends to be quicker, easier, and more easily shared around the internet, website articles need to be valuable enough to attract readers and encourage sharing. Even though article posts may be slower to gain page rank, higher ranking can definitely be achieved by providing more valuable information. Articles should provide unique information not available elsewhere as well as explanations and answers that readers are seeking. Once a website becomes recognized for quality content, such added value will achieve page ranking the natural, more preferred way. Backlinks will begin to happen which will add value to any website.

It is very beneficial for companies to provide in-depth, detailed articles about their company, products, or other relevant topics as opposed to simple blog posts and announcements. Austin website design experts understand that users want interesting information to read – and providing them with just that is a boost for a company’s credibility and recognition. While it is possible to organize content on a blogging platform, it must be well integrated as an extension of a company’s website where postings are informative articles, not just casual conversations, opinions, or other off-topic information!

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  1. thanks for the info – I think my company tends to blog a lot and ignore its website. I’m going to pass this info on and see if we can’t start adding something a little ‘deeper’ on the website – very helpful info here!

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